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Company use does a process to need a few principles that follow

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Decision-making phase: The principle with a few most obedience

The enterprise carries out plan to must make a kind of judgement or make a decision with respect to what differ, the purpose enters executive phase quickly as far as possible. A few obedience is most, can how many according to share, also can count according to poll, early days develops in the enterprise, my individual hope can have a decision according to poll number (the share that suggests company use becomes earlier stage allocates should reasonable) , can employ 2 people of 3 people through making, employ 3 people of 5 people through making, also can employ 4 people of 7 people through making, the how much according to enterprise dimensions bulk of personnel will decide, the company that for instance 10- individual controls, 2 people of 3 people are passed it is OK to make.

The implementation of the target is the result that the group cooperates, what this kind of result needs most person is close cooperate. When the problem that produces in the enterprise so or the program that offer undertake choosing, the enterprise should abide by the opinion of most person. Such doing have the following advantage:

I) the risk involves an area more, can reduce a risk effectively

Most person agrees with executive plan, its responsibility is natural be assumed jointly by everybody, although scheme appears error, enterprise interior also won't appear the phenomenon of complaints are heard everywhere, after all this is the content that most person agrees with everybody, what so its conviction changes is objective with reality.

II) enhance scientific and decision-making consciousness, implementation democracy is decision-making

Decision-making itself was opposite with the fault, only decision-making result can appear right with the fault, tell so to enterprise oneself: Decision-making fault is more decision-making than doing not have many what be close friends, although the enterprise is decision-making occurrence error, the enterprise still should have other method to undertake settlement.

III) the execution that is helpful for plan and supervise

The plan after most person agrees, what the process that its carry out can run is relatively successful, get the program of most person support, the degree that its content understands enclothes a face to be able to be compared wide, the execution that is helpful for plan so dogs with what the process carries out with supervise.

IV) the seasonable summary that is helpful for executive result and improve

In the process of company executive plan, because have the opinion of different respect, can mix to whole executive process so executive result undertakes dogging with summary, of the accused with this kind of can seasonable summary each are relevant personnel, to the circumstance of decision-making error, can be in the next time give out to decide certainly in the operation standard.

Although such telling, but at the same time, a few obedient majority also has the inferior position of different level, as often somebody is told, the truth often masters in hand of small number of people. Put forward with respect to somebody so such or in that way problem, actually business management was opposite truly with the fault, any successful management pattern can find as opposite as its case certainly, the certain provision in business management is so same also, itself does not have the cent of pair of poor actor bad, the effect that has confluence only how problem, so the enterprise should not put too much energy on pendent matters concerned. Will affect the work efficiency of the enterprise badly in that way.
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