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The enlightenment of 500 strong companies of world reachs a proposal

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1) company strategy construction. It is condition of the outer shroud inside company foundation and the condition that can obtain resource, live to get a business and develop steadily for a long time, develop the overall plan of the target, way that achieves a goal and method to the enterprise, the concentration that it is business management idea is reflected, it is the result with a series of decision-making strategies, it is the base that makes company program and plan at the same time. In an investigation that the United States has, in the entrepreneur of 90 % above thinks the enterprise runs a course most it is most most time, important, difficult to occupy is formulate strategy program. Visible, the strategy has become an enterprise to obtain successful main factor, the management of the enterprise had been entered " strategic get the upper hand of " times.

Proposal: The strategy is the industry survives of development essential, the enterprise should make clear 3~5 year strategic program, all personnel that are the same as these programs the company undertake sharing, through the strategy program, strategy grooms reach the strategy to carry out this process, bring into company culture in, in be being attached most importance to therefore heavy.

2) constituent structure construction. The strategy needs perfect constituent structure to assure to carry out. The constituent meaning that organizing a structure is an enterprise and constituent mechanism bilk the foundation with living, it is the form figuration style that the enterprise organizes, namely the target of the enterprise, in coordination, the organization such as personnel, position, correlation, information arranges combination effectively of element. Disclose the goal assignment of the enterprise position namely, reach position integratedly again branch, form a of perpendicular right system and system of coordination of horizontal division of labor organic whole by numerous branch. Organizing a structure carry out a service for the strategy, the constituent structure that different strategy needs to differ to it corresponding, constituent structure must be coordinated with strategic photograph. See from this, the enterprise organizes a structure to must get used to the need of executive company strategy, it is company strategy carries out executive organization to assure.

Proposal: Constituent structure includes two fields, one is administrative respect, another is business side, want to achieve the unity of these two respects, must have unified flow program, the logic that organizes structural backside is flow give somebody a new lease on life, before outstanding world 500 strong companies, regard the efficiency of flow and effect as a magic weapon.

3) regulations system construction. The system that the development of the enterprise and strategy implement need to perfect serves as assure, and actually each system is spirit of enterprise and strategic thought is specific reflect. So, in strategic executive process, should make the system system that agrees with strategic thought photograph, should prevent a system not not form a complete set, harmonious, should avoid to deviate from more strategic system appears.
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