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Of concept of battalion of already of medical look forward to 6 direct greatly

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Health care of a medicine tastes an enterprise to must be become dedicated specialization at what sale of home market medicines and chemical reagents and information popularize company, devote oneself to top-ranking product, top-ranking group, high-class service, just can be in what can foreknow in that way during, the traditional Chinese medicine in becoming tastes sale market relatively the company that the person tells. When I once managed medical health care to taste a company, to managing a concept Ceng Shi went 6 direct greatly, the hope is helpful to everybody.

Above all " it is with the client oriented " the core content that should become culture of a company to reach management concept. The organization that this one concept should be in an enterprise is carried out in construction and working system from beginning to end. Each employee should realize " the client is sacred " .

The client is mixed to the product the satisfaction of the service, the essential mark of the working manner that this is the quality that judges firm work system, efficiency and employee. Will tell from some kind of meaning, the company's only determination, sole aim, identify effectively namely attract, the staunch clientele that satisfy and holds constant growth amount.

Commercial client is the first customer of the enterprise, the cooperative foundation with the enterprise is mutually beneficial mutual benefit double win, because this company wants to respect the increase demand of commercial client fairness adequately, to build and maintaining a sale at the same time terminal network respect provides the support of the oldest rate, the after service that provides rapid and convenient, satisfaction and information are communicated, can strive for commercial client so respect of development of market of the reasonable suitable channel that offer money, terminal provides advantage and support for the company.

Hospital expert, doctor and counterjumper. Store manager. The patient is a company the most crucial, most the terminal client of core, because this company is first,responsibility is responsible to them. Assure to provide high grade product and accurate academic information, go satisfying their requirement, the enterprise is accountability mix in learning, medical treatment groom wait for a respect to make the contribution that should make, and offer likely item as far as possible cooperate in order to add wild phase each other, still have offer not support of paragraph of sales promotion activity.

In the meantime, employee also should inspect the important client that is an enterprise, the enterprise must welcome and attract those having to actor or actress beautiful ability is mixed above all have innovation consciousness, the employee of active enterprising is joined, should include outstanding culture pounds other company your enterprise, so that make,the firm can increase quickly.

Employee still is the fortune with the mainest business, have the appropriate, stuff that is happy to fulfil one's duty only, ability of a company scores a success. Accordingly, the elite group that establishs assiduous, deal with concrete matters relating to work, self-discipline, preserving is to build a group to be carried out from beginning to end first goal.
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