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From muddleheaded to clever choice

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The diversity that group of Guangdong new century is project of development of estate of a collect, biology and commercial trade expands a business. 2002, because terminal market of subordinate food of Guangzhou sunshine characteristic enrols business, introduced Maotai town " line of business of national treasure wine " , " muddleheaded wine line of business " a series of products. Engineer an orgnaization in incite below, act on " the child that adopts others gives birth to a child as oneself " idea, characteristic food is in sunshine to did not pass market survey, did not pass project argumentation, know liquor market far from, the premise of liquor brand falls and Guizhou Maotai presses down collaboration of muddleheaded wine line of business, produced value 10 million yuan product -- " drunk muddleheaded " series wine.
Why what name is not taken, be called unluckily " drunk muddleheaded " ? The reason is such: The concoctive orgnaization that serves sunshine characteristic food once had served Guangdong so " line of business of cloud peak wine " , for " small muddleheaded celestial being " had made ad; Its boss is astute the utmost, serving, registered " the immortal is drunk muddleheaded " brand, made over sunshine this incidentally! Of muddleheaded wine familial it is so much a member.
Since the grade that wine of series of small muddleheaded celestial being created your person to fix eyes upon on liquor market, numerous liquor medium and small businesses hits the edge ball of wine of small muddleheaded series greatly. On such as market " hundred years muddleheaded " " muddleheaded hundred years " " god-given and muddleheaded " " small confused " " drunk confused " wait name likeness a moment, figure share everything between each other, appeal to beg almost consistent liquor brand immediately afterwards wine of series of small muddleheaded celestial being, north and south of great river of fight in some places one by one. Everybody is in appeal to those who beg Mr Zheng Banqiao " muddleheaded culture " , everybody is grabbed on terminal feed, then agency people muddled -- how is the brand with approximate so much done? In the meantime, the historical value of muddleheaded culture and fashionable meaning can not attract customer for a long time, also cannot the reason that the chronically liquor that prop up consumes, then, muddleheaded series wine in the market expression gradually " muddleheaded " rise. Sunshine characteristic food a business that enters liquor industry newly, there is many in the water that did not understand liquor industry deep when, was on to imitate, the brand blind lane of piracy, of 10 million " muddleheaded product " , how to sell?
"Small muddleheaded celestial being " the success of series wine is not accidental, also not be brand name has been obtained just succeed so. The history that wine of small muddleheaded series lent Maotai town thousands of years brew opportunely will serve for the brand, the brand fixed position consumes this special consumption estate to go up in business affairs, be aimed at the tall record of formal schooling of business affairs consumer, high grade, advocate " middle culture " -- in specific period, this kind not salty not weak not acerbity not sweet life manner makes the argument that toasts each other on wine desk! We know, once a brand has some to plant strategic advantage, so the competition on this strategy administrative levels, any successors are in weak force. Unless use poor dissimilation strategy, pull oneself from inside weak force! "Muddleheaded culture " be line of business of cloud peak wine undoubtedly alone door secret book, had written on the forehead of wine of series of small muddleheaded celestial being. Other muddleheaded trademarks, how to jump no matter, also do not jump to go out " small muddleheaded celestial being " state, do not jump to give vast market space, this is very real issue, almost each are hit " small muddleheaded celestial being " in the popular feeling of edge ball very clear also.
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