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By finance sale, risk manages and indebted combination manages capital fund

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One, financial sale, risk management and asset are indebted the relation of assorted management (the function of financial sale locates)
In intense with each passing day market competitive pressure falls, market sale concept is introduced stage by stage banking. Because banking since service industry is venture industry, accordingly, in this one process, financial sale and risk control happened tremendous " conflict " . Actually, financial sale and risk management are two respects of a problem, unity of opposites is in debt at asset combination manages this one whole to run the strategy integratedly in. In current economy development state of affairs reachs his to evolve into a trend to fall, 3 person between the relationship is harmonious, decide the dimensions that the bank manages and level directly. Financial sale service and risk management are in debt in contemporary bank assets the action in assorted management is, executive bank management strategy, raise competitive advantage, help business is decision-making control consecratory, management to asset is combined and measure capital with price, report enough sex and ability of bank oneself pay off.
So, in battalion of silver-colored go by afore-mentioned 3 person should use what kind of configuration to concern, does ability achieve their effect adequately? For the commercial bank of our country share-holding system that develops level to be in especially, the new competitive situation that its face and situation of its asset combination are urgent the method that asks they use development and method have financial sale, but the execution of new sale strategy however at present asset combines be enslaved to be enslaved to state and its risk, and the risk control in structural adjustment process is a major problem, affect bank managemant decision. Be based on the understanding that runs theory and practice to domestic and international bank and analysis, we think, indebted combination manages afore-mentioned financial sale, risk management and capital fund 3 person the relation between is a kind of conformity is organic concern in coordination, it includes the following 3 respects:
1, 3 person the administrative accounting system that integrated foundation is business of complete travel banking
Bank monetization runs a company, its accountant is recorded even if the business of the bank handles a process, each business of the bank comes true through the accountant. But in order to trade (process) the accountant that is an object, cannot mirror a bank to regard venture company and the management that serve an industry as property and state. Administrative accounting system is OK, also should provide the account information that is foundation and center with the client, make the bank can have active financial service and risk government, achieve bank first-rate capital fund thereby indebted combination.
2, the decision-making support function of the account information system that is foundation and center with the client
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