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Saline pace underwear rises abruptly fan

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Area of pace of Nanhai city salt (the former condition that it is salt presses down) , the area has 26. 12 square kilometer, be located in Guangzhou and Fosan between two city, in the southeast ministry of Nanhai city. Its Dong Lianan the fragrant village area of state city, area of big drop of Xi Linna sea, wide beautiful aqueduct is depended on south, north draws near yellow Qi area, communication is very easy, mouth of subway of distance Guangzhou fragrant village only car Cheng of 5 minutes. Often live population has 70 thousand person, ab extra hobo has 100 thousand person. For quite a long time, in join wide Buddha the traffic artery of two city -- below the radiation action of wide Buddha highway and road of wide Buddha high speed, if the Maoli like bamboo shoots in spring rises,the large and professional market such as lumber, plastic, electric equipment, cloth, furniture is in the area of along the line of highway in succession, formed to be full of business chance gradually then, hand in those who cast two flourishing " wide Buddha commerce is encircled " . Be in personally among them the saline pace of core region, be in early reforming and opening at the beginning of, already began underwear to machine namely.

1979, hong Kong " bust king " Mr Luo Jielun with " Hong Kong Dailisi limited company " name and saline pace the city zone are industrial head office cooperates, with " 3 will fill " the form sets a factory to machine underwear exit. The opportunity that the underwear product that this is China had first time to step door going abroad -- sell past United States. Meanwhile, beautiful this of the factory establish, abounded the industrial setting of saline pace, the industry of the pace that it is salt grew to monarch new feudal, make saline pace makes industry of Chinese contemporary underwear very quickly " birthplace " , the technical backbone power that develops large quantities of one underwear to produce and production manage a talented person, this includes the He Bingxiang of president of company of Ao Linong underwear with celebrated later reputation, beauty to think of Liang Shunqun of general manager of company of underwear of beautiful of Wu Yanfen of underwear company general manager, couple to wait a moment among them, he Bingxiang more regard Mr Luo Jielun as the teacher giving job of own lifetime. A batch of technologies that pursue underwear trade the earliest as China and management only just, they acquired the professional technology of underwear research and development, production not only from here, still acquired the practical experience such as workshop management, the development of course of study of underwear of the pace that it is salt and expand laid solid foundation. Beautiful this the factory also is known as underwear of Nanhai salt pace accordingly " Huang Bu military school " . Go up century 80 time metaphase, saline pace person establishs in succession oneself underwear enterprise, start from domestic mill, began poineering journey. The saline pace person that fills enthusiasm seizes opportunity, sale in domestic market and export photograph are united in wedlock, through introducing advanced manufacturing technology and device ceaselessly, and scientific management concept, after all previous that experienced more than 20 years of markets is experienced, progressively emerge in large numbers gives a batch to implement scale, on the brand of class manages enterprise and entrepreneur, make give. A character the underwear brand with admirable, outstanding reputation. Be like " the United States is thought of " , " Diane " , " Ao Linong " , " Jia Lishi " , " Yi Zhini " , " Sha lotus Ni " , " the sister is beautiful " etc.
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