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Saline pace underwear rises abruptly fan

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Chinese underwear famous city
In December 2002, on December 24, city of countrywide spin base (county) characteristic city (town) workshop of industrial group development is in Beijing hall of Chongqing of people congress hall is held, li Xinzhong of secretary of Party committee of saline pace borough accepts association of Chinese textile industry, Chinese clothing association to promulgate on behalf of people of saline pace division award " Chinese underwear famous city " name board, "Saline pace underwear " again famous whole nation. "Chinese underwear famous city " stand really, the underwear estate development that means saline condition is stridden epochal.  
Time backdate arrives in September 2000, contest of model of first China underwear is held in Nanhai, underwear, as the thing of illicit close sex, entered the hall of fashionable culture boldly for the first time. Have the sumptuous dinner with tabloid sexy beauty this, the look first time that allows common people builds up to Nanhai salt pace. Be this grand meeting, make people discovers surprisingly, the well-known underwear trademark on market is thought of like Jia Lishi, beauty, Ao Linong, violet Lan Di, Yi Zhini, unexpectedly out is same a place------Nanhai salt pace.

In September 2002, again fashionable focusing, city of Nanhai international underwear head period finishing, exposition of underwear of first China International and 2002 Chinese Nanhai (saline pace) international underwear Cultural Festival is held in city of Nanhai international underwear, pass popularity of underwear of contest of model of exposition, underwear, 2003 international trend news briefing, investment device business recommends industry of meeting, underwear to expand the activity such as news briefing of special performance of brand of forum, underwear, quick win initial success of brand of saline pace underwear famous degree, promoted the development of Chinese underwear course of study greatly, establish the saline pace leader in underwear industry position.

Chinese underwear consumes dominant brand 15 times in, saline pace occupied 7. Nanhai salt pace regards Chinese underwear as town of military importance rise abruptly, added for domain of Chinese dress geography again dazzling bright different. "Saline stage appearance " already caused each square personage attention.

Nowadays, lead to the crossing of saline pace highway from wide Buddha road, of the most absorbing eyeball is that one underwear advertisement of a tremendous sex appeal, proclaiming to people this underwear town of military importance now brilliant. Highway of edge salt pace is thorough, on the way the most beautiful, most scenery also is each then bristly surfy underwear billboard, as entering the grand sight garden of an underwear. Somebody makes fun of language, saline pace is China's sexiest place.

Regard a district as the brand, the main reason with saline pace successful underwear:

One, the situation of the advantage and historical foundation
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