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Individual character, vogue, glamour -- , ring download market popularizes speci

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Individual character, vogue, glamour -- , ring download market popularizes specification
One catalog
One catalog -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- , 1
2 setting -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- , 2
3 projects, market is analysed -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 2
4 emulative analysises -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 5
5 advertisement are politic -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- , 6
6 advertisement plan -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- , 10
A bit view of market of service of appreciation of machine of 7 my adversary -- -- -- -- -- 12

2 setting

Abrupt noise has a familiar mobile phone music on congested bus, a few passengers happen to coincide the mobile phone that the ground examines him. When eventually after somebody receives electrify sentence, a few individual long exit enrage the others, a few minutes of awkwardness also are shown in expression.

The person of use mobile phone is increasing, but the ring that the mobile phone offers and mobile phone choose namely so a few kinds, similar setting is not so scarce in the life. But the fashionable gens to flaunting individual character, use identical mobile phone ring to be considered as the thing that does not have face most with others, also because of such, business of download of mobile phone ring is in global ovation.

3 projects, market is analysed

1 newer ring becomes fashion:

Come nearly two years, sell mobile phone ring has made a very hot trade. People should be in the network address of these ring providers to perhaps serve the ring that him pitch on on platform loves only, can pass call, online register or be to send short message, download ring to his mobile phone. The charge that downloads ring shows the sheet of mobile phone Zhang in the user to go up, share by wireless operation business and ring provider.

From the point of the whole world, europe and Asia begin ring to download business earlier, the ring sale last year is as high as Japan 300 million dollar. Fashionable gens of Japan was worn to downloading mobile phone ring simply fan, plain mouth of 16 years old is elegant child say: "I like to call not quite, but should change mobile phone ring every months to arrive twice at least, this is a fashionable problem. This is a fashionable problem..

Ring provider also the requirement that rack one's brains satisfies these fashionable gens, no matter be classical music or popular song, can find corresponding mobile phone ring. Often the TV series just leaves sow, can have downloaded the mobile phone ring that adapts by teleplay theme song the following day. Some ring providers notice to attract people, also collect the sound of belch to the list of mobile phone ring that can offer download even in the center, want, in congested such ring rings in the car in all, should make a how many joke.

Mobile phone generator also cannot ignore ring to download the influence of business. At present the major mobile phone on the market offers ring to download a function, new-style mobile phone is to provide function of the 2nd loudhailer more, at the same time this one loudhailer also allows him user to edit ring melody, make mobile phone ring more wonderful and moving.
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