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400 successful secret Ji that interlink inn boss

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Northeastern region mentions Jiang Weitao, almost unmanned not dawn. Have asset ten million besides him, outside having even locksmith many 400, more important is the successful experience like his that legend.

Honest, make business sea is entered to win a success at the beginning of him

1968, jiang Weitao is born in Jilin to save distant source Bureau of Mines in the home of worker of a coal. 1984, jiang Weitao junior high school graduates, assembly accomplishment is in entire school be among the best of candidates, but be differred because of foreign language achievement and by close the door on of key high school. Because of,he sensible does not wish oneself answer read and be a burden on is mixed with respect to the family of poor originally sickish mother, year only 17 years old take sb's place the well below father became a coal miner.

After be on working station, to enrich and raise oneself, he entered oneself for an examination early or late creation print is awarded, music theory teachs by correspondence and legal major teachs oneself an exam, very fast, his musical strong point and self-study spirit caused the attention of leader of place unit union, often let his partly released from productive labor make a few literary propaganda, but the censure that also suffers a few people accordingly. 1989 spring, he what have individual character quite resigns in anger, taking oneself all savings -- 400 yuan of money " go into business " .

Below the help of elder brother and elder sister, he is used east what move borrows city of bayou of 2000 yuan of Qian Zaimei to build on the west is light industrial hire inside the market left a stall, took first commodity to Shenyang, begin to clean out the first pail of gold in him life. That paragraph of day, jiang Weitao gets up early greatly everyday, eat breakfast, take the run of 8 kilometer to hill town by bicycle from the home, sit next diligent city of Che Qumei bayou, mix like all faker in the market client argy-bargy, fraction is contended for surely. Lunch is a fried dough twist adds an ice cream normally, in writing down consumptive Zhang even, go, much at 8 o'clock in the evening ability comes home have dinner. such, time is not long, this already clever the youth that can bear hardships again gains fame in small plum bayou town. Go on the street, a lot of people can make his name.

But, jiang Weitao is not satisfied at always going on same way with others. After at hand had ten yuan circulating fund, he decides to be in dress high-quality goods this one the domain of still unmanned venture eats Mei Cheng business circles at that time bout " crab " . Plum bayou is a small town, so, hang the high-quality goods dress with those high prices when Jiang Weitao bar when, although the person of the inquiry is not little, but dare take out money to come to those who buy these clothing do not have a few however truly: "Is this probably vend the sham product that come from south? " people is guessing so. A few high levels consume a group still would rather runs remote region goes to big city, also do not believe to true high-quality goods dress can be bought on booth. "Actually, consumer of this no wonder, it is the reputation that a few traders that do not defend sincere letter damaged numerous businessman; Below this kind of circumstance, want to insist to become a honest a man of one's word only, you can show itself quickly " . Then Jiang Weitao hits two marked annunciate on his stall: "One, all commodity anything but bargain, depreciate; 2, commodity of all work off is termless below the condition that keeps unvarnished return money. " Jiang Weitao thinks a kind of high-grade goods not can only its use be particular about value, also be a kind of identity, position at the same time is indicative, if informal bargain, depreciate, it is to oneself credit damage, the customer that has bought goods to in advance also is one kind irresponsible. And termless return money, although can cause certain pecuniary loss, but the good echo that its bring is to spend how many money to also buy what do not come however.
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