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The enterprise should beware public relations of ignore of 10 a serious illness

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The enterprise should beware public relations of 10 ignore of a serious illness serve the brand be missing

21 centuries are the century of brand contend. Face foreign strong brand in a large-scale " inbreak " , domestic company also is in hold high " brand " old standard. Do not have which enterprise not to develop those who make a brand serve as an enterprise almost now the strategy, have more very person, character involves a brand surely, as if to have only such, company brand ability grows rise. In the process that carries out in the brand however, we discover not hard, a lot of our country enterprises are put in a lot of errors in executive brand strategy, we say for " brand syndrome " . These " brand syndrome " Baconian rise, basically have 10 kinds as follows.

Despise disease of brand fixed position

"The half that good fixed position is brand success " , significant brand fixed position is to build the development strategy base that makes clear in the enterprise, especially long-term development strategy. Of course, the development strategy of the enterprise is to be based on accurate market fractionize. At present domestic company locates to the brand and did not cause enough attention, think brand fixed position is dispensable even, this kind of wrong guiding ideology hampered of company brand grow.

Partial enterprise lacks long-term strategy, everything feels accordingly, the popularity on the market what or what can make money, what to produce. Partial company is a bit successful, reach for what is beyond his grasp, disregard enterprise oneself actual strength, blind to other industry dilate, think investment can be become to which industry among them " the old " .

A lot of domestic companies brand gradually be on the wane, not be the problem as a result of company product, because the brand locates,be more very be caused by of out of control. Take brand fixed position seriously, ability can have an accurate brand to develop the strategy.

Advertisement sends hot disease

Brand and advertisement are worry like a pair " lover " , the brand needs advertising support, advertisement lets a brand all show beautiful elegant demeanour. Advertising action is irreplaceable, but should clear advertisement is the groovy weapon that the brand forgings, is not secret weapon. The brand is not to use advertisement to be bungled come out, besides advertisement, the government that still has a company, technology, capital, talent waits for what the element affects a brand to grow.

However at present we have to admit, a lot of enterprises of our country had arrived madly to advertising the degree of cannot help doing sth, think to want advertisement to do only much can bring up a brand. Then, we do not divide day and night with respect to the advertisement that discovers a lot of enterprises, do not divide wanton and indiscriminate bombing of a sector of an area, but can you have effect truly a few to have again? "Mark king " the be on the wane with Qin Chi, much love is best proof.
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