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Brand of MakeMay China Beauty Care models a project

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Mention Beauty Care, a lot of people still are not familiar with the likelihood, but elegant everybody of respecting Europe Lai knows certainly, regard the whole world as the biggest Beauty Care namely hairdressing group, 2002 year, the turnover of Europe Lai elegant whole world not as good as Bao Jie's 1/20, but net profit embellish keeps balance with treasure clean company however. MakeMay and Oulaiya are same, also belong to Beauty Care (hairdressing nurses) , namely besides offer a product for the client besides, more it is to provide a kind of service, a kind of additional cost, if hairdressing seeks advice, colour seeks advice, hairdressing major nurses etc, abroad with beautiful jade of Oulaiya, Mei triumphant give priority to, domestic criterion with natural beauty, butterfly love a flower relatively famous. MakeMay is nodded in main conduct propaganda of France is plant active composition, onion head delay commentate technology, can the United States is white, moist, fight consenescence. Its technology and raw material provide company of square France Sederma is world-famous cosmetic recipe research and plant active composition develops a research organization, it is Oulaiya, sweet Nai all the time, charming charm poem, emperor abstruse, elegant Shi Landai, endowment the world-famous brand such as unripe hall, Shengluolan offers whole set technology to cooperate, award of INPI of French state level winner.
Because of Beauty Care industry arisen and Chinese hairdressing industry (put in Beauty Care 's charge in what Chinese are used to for hairdressing industry) rapid development, oil of SK-II, yulan magnolia also quickened the pace that marchs to Beauty Care, yulan magnolia oil asks Zhang Manyu to become spokesman advocate push much effect to repair protect series, advocate whole to protect skin the solution is its march namely the formal bugle of Beauty Care. Before before long, the treasure clean company that can'ts restrain already is more wholy-owned bought German variety makeup brand power is graceful, appetent with Oulaiya divide into equal parts gets a cup of a thick soup.

On November 8, 2002, my department course and other of two 4A company than draft, the Chinese brand that gained France to produce brand MakeMay formerly models project dealership and the transmission promotion work of 2003 year. And the job that Wang Fuchang of David of chief inspector of market of MakeMay China region gives us is, join native land market, the new fixed position that undertakes Chinese mainland is changed reachs market sale, strive to appear on the market in 2003 year successful, turnover achieves 20 million yuan of RMBs.

Go in the market
What is MakeMay, why should be consumer bought? Buy a dot where to?

This is to beset the first our problem, also be the issue that we must want to be solved above all, tell from professional point of view, the brand that we must want clarity to define MakeMay locates namely " what is MakeMay, makeMay can offer customer after all what profit drop, why does consumer buy MakeMay " etc a series of problem, follow-up work just can spread out completely around this, this also is Chongzhongzhi is weighed. Generally speaking, the politic model that our brand locates is as follows:
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