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Unscramble a brand

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Unscramble a brand

What is the brand, may have a lot of different results, everybody reachs knowledge because of individual experience, culture, can have oneself understanding, but having a bit is collective, everybody can have the longing to the brand in psychology. Different brand has different color, have different individual character, but the thing that brand backside can have a lot of general character, come to these thing hair disinter, perhaps conduce a business is better make successful brand.
The brand feels namely
When a consumer is choosing a brand, do not have too much reason, often be a kind of intuition, although there may be a few reasons to consider inside this, but truly decision-making when, often be one instant, have not enough time to think more things, often a tiny factor, became the argument that the decision buys quite, nevertheless this kind of feeling is to be accumulated for a long time rise, fall in love with a girl than what fall in love at first sight like a boy, actually he also says not clear it is what reason, like namely, but this kind of feeling is everlasting form, it is the integrated child of setting of the experience with strange another person, aesthetic psychology, culture. Consumer also is such to the feeling of the brand, source of the experience that is based on him, news, culture, with social level, pass pair of brand perception bit by bit accumulate, fashion an integrated image finally, his decision is affected when consumer does a brand to choose, consumer depends on to the possibility of the reliant degree of the brand and choice the consumer self-identity to the brand degree. A kind of feeling with tectonic brand, it is a ligament of product connection consumer actually, if become the product for instance a circle, consumer also is a circle, the brand is the place of two round across, alternate place is more, mean customer taller to the self-identity degree of the brand, consumer is right of the brand spend with faithfulness optionally taller, when two the circle repeats completely, criterion a kind of kind that the brand became consumer self-expression, the spokesman of consumer, the brand can make the indispensable one part in consumer life, it is a part of other unripe belief. The product of industrialized production, have duplicate sex, OK in use process each other is replaced, but the sense of the brand cannot be replaced, this kind of feeling has part of some kind of affection, feel with respect to what be like love a gratifying flavour is inexpressible also. This kind of feeling comes from each element in brand transmission process: Product quality, pack, advertisement of symbol of colour of product use experience, vision, mark, media, sound, sell a figure to wait. In each link of catenary of brand image construction, in what consumer contacts a brand each are nodded, can affect the perception of consumer, these things can form a brand finally the personalized figure in consumer heart, decide consumer agrees with degree to his.
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