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About famous brand and famous brand strategy

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About strategy of famous brand and famous brand

The article analysed famous brand concept and feature, discussed an enterprise to achieve the goal of famous brand and strategy of executive famous brand, put forward to found a few idea of famous brand

One, famous brand and famous brand strategy
Famous brand product, to consumer, everybody loves; To manufacturing operator, it is the thing that long for day and night more; Various government, regard national economy as the organizer of development, hope this locality can be much more a product of a few famous brand, the fast, health that drives local economy from this develops; This is correct undoubtedly. But, the state of current our country is roughly: (1 ) true by amount to of product of market approbatory famous brand not much, be approbated among them by the international market especially little. For instance dress, the scale of production of our country already resided the world the first, exit also reached the world the first (24 billion dollar is controlled) . But, return the world name tagvisiting card that neither one weighs to go up up to now. So, price is very low; Perhaps give a foreign trader " calm card " treatment. (2) the traditional famous brand with not much amount to, be being attacked by the strong favorable opposition of foreign famous brand. Some markets are atrophic, some is as joint-stock as the foreign trader already. (3) the commodity that famous brand is not on home market, everywhere ego flaunts, it is not to have a card it seems that not renown. Clear be unworthy of the name or the title.
So, after all what is famous brand strategy? Need speaks of from famous brand commodity first. Say commonly, since goods economy, always be produced group by group continuously and hope to win the commodity of consumer, have each brand name. This brand name, get the reception of consumer more, famous degree taller, cover a range in the market bigger, cry more noisily, famous brand effect is bigger. See from this, famous brand is like next features:
(one) the brand of a commodity, it is famous brand, do not rely on superior to decide, also enterprise ego does not flaunt, however by the market namely consumer approbates.
(2) of the market and consumer approbate, sure have a range: Area of an area, province, a certain number of area of area, province and north, southern, whole nation, area of the some on the world, and even whole international market. This that is to say, famous brand brand can have district sex, be a place, of much earth area, of the whole nation, international famous brand.

(3) of the market and consumer but can change,admit. The past and now, not to be named on the same day with. Accordingly, famous brand has timeliness again. This that is to say, famous brand is not lasting, it is to meet by the latercomers surpass the formers person replace.
By on look, famous brand commodity is famous commodity label, it is welcome on certain period, particular market, and be happy to consume use brand commodity for broad consumer. Accordingly, famous brand can bring very big economic benefits for the enterprise, famous brand can become the intangible assets with very big company. The product brand of any area, make famous brand impossible. But pass indefatigable effort, can start famous shop sign. More important is with achieving famous brand is motivation, the production numerous enterprise manages enthusiasm to be driven, make the quality of the product, benefit reachs a steps leading up to a house, it is likely completely. This is famous brand strategy.
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