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The brand discerns pyramid model

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Brand identifying pyramid model

The brand is communicated and expression is destined should develop change. The expectation that fixed position is the some respect the brand and client, need and the process that ask connection rises. When these demand let time and changing, the brand also is forced to follow change. Accordingly, coke Cola begins to seek a site to appeal to with " thirsty " , say " later this is true coke " , say " feels " finally, of Coke Cola itself commercialize appeal to beg had changed. The style of Coke Cola is very clear, also allow legibility, be imitated quite easily by other trademark. Long-term since, besides the physical property of the product, coke Cola already made a theoretical model, this is be obvious to all. Since the day that it is born before a century case, its value system did not change basically. The identifying that the fountainhead of its spirit perhaps says to continuance goes down seems to was not crossed by deviate.
Regard the brand a three-dimensional pyramid will undertake administrative, because this is necessary, time also can serve as among them one dimension, if plan institute is shown. ``
Brand core value

The source of life

Position intention style

Market of fractionize of product strong point

The change of the form of gets used to the market newlier metabolic consumer life of art and product

Environmental changes
The top in pyramid is the core value of the brand, its fountainhead comes from the activation of the brand, namely the brand is a real person, conference speech can act, form the genetic code DNA of the brand. We need the core of notice dawn brand is nodded, but the place that should make it is different from others at the same time sees, be said. The deep administrative levels that it is a brand identifies, it is the core value of the brand, it can keep changeless inside very long period of time. For example: Wave gallop the core of cycle racing identifies the car " that is not " to run quickly (although this is really wave gallop propagandist theme, also be a character that it regards a product as) , figure ground says, wave gallop core mark is " hero " . Not be the hero that points to present-day meaning to go up, reflecting the original meaning of " hero " however. Drive dangerously to connection is together and won't damage the image of the brand together, the destiny that because dangerous place is heroic place,faces. However, if allege publicly,should realize wave gallop racing car is made for heroes, will bring how adverse effect. Potential meaning just must have active effectiveness after sink is presentative. The core dot of the brand should be concealed in the product to appeal to beg under.
In the middle-level of pyramid, it is the style of the brand, connotation and condition. From language for learned point of view, it is to pass spinous stylus record and the mark that leave it and graph to imprint. Be like the autograph of same individual, style----The brand has the news of specific meaning through what character or image deliver----It is the report that brand core identifies. Accordingly, the style cannot change at will, but need maintains the connection that identifies with brand core from beginning to end.
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