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We can be imagined, if Mcdonald's is alive the price of the joins in the storefront of inn designs style, hamburger taste of bound each district, sale is different, and not only have the Mcdonald's uncle, word that still has elder sister of Mcdonald's grandfather, Mcdonald's, can the client still resemble so faithful now? I think that had done not have any distinction with the snack inn of full street almost!
Want to know the enterprise is the owner of product droit and brand only, and the brand is to belong to client place to have. Because had a client to must approbate He Zhongcheng to just make to the brand,brand asset is able to accumulate, gradually fashion into builds the true brand on foundation of preference of person of extensive concern profit for.

Clever brand hour is in the brand message that devotes oneself to to nod transmission to agree to each contacts, the client feeling to some brand and touch the result that comes from the brand message that carries out at this brand place to transmit strategy. The client can be nodded in each contacts and this brand undertakes or for many times " intimate contact " , the experience that learns through every time is mixed for oneself decide to whether continue to this brand with the people closely related oneself faithful.

Similar wrong example conveniently can be gotten, of the operator do sth on a large scale of the Coke Cola that flatter oneself understands founds brand very and has speech right roll out so called " new taste coke " the result suffers complete beauty large quantities of the brand of Coke Cola is faithful person object, caused demonstration even. Because new taste coke destroyed the transmission since Coke Cola is long-term to appeal to,beg, enroach on the countless consumer that are loyal to Coke Cola are right the feeling of Coke Cola. So that people is loud coke of shout curses new taste: It is peculiar taste simply, resemble an illegitimate child.

Leader of a few industries is like by artful tongue semi-annular jade pendant adman is alleged and excellent originality is puzzling, the station is being delivered to the client on the subjective footing of assume sth as a matter of course alleged " extraordinary splendour confused is shown " brand message, expectation is worn the client can produce a preference to its brand. But the market investigator that of things go contrary to one's wishes is consumer blame major, they are big much time is flooded to be in commodity advertisement onrush, they can be had been to far from much arduous go understand and understanding these so called strategy, they as before of persist one's old ways caring to oneself be opposite of some brand message haggle over every ounce, clinging the feeling that uses oneself will direct the hand that draws out purse.

The author once appealed to the test that seeks pair of a few consumer to had done memory with respect to the transmission of a few version of some brand. The result has one most person actually missay of confuse one thing with another brand name. It is thus clear that conflicting brand message travels to just waste money in vain, and made ad to fasten a product.
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