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What is brand identifying

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What is brand identifying

Brand identifying (Brand Identity) it is a newer idea. It is not is the trendy term that thinks up by sale and transmission egghead without foundation, have the new idea of real value to the brand however.

Identify the meaning of this one main idea to understand a brand, answer to research the concern different use of this word above all:

&#Id of 8226; "Identity Card"() (the likelihood is passport, checkbook, driving licence)----It is one kind shows who we are, the individual feature that cannot make over the proof that wait. When the unanimous) of "identity Of Opinion"(that hears people, it is to state they have same opinion.

• the 2nd kind of usage shows in transmitting a domain those out are same the thing that origin is changed into symbol, information and product itself. Since more brands outspread with diversification, consumer is faced with increasing different brand. If each product reachs his,relevant transmission depends on the method with respective abide, should maintain these method come out from same brand fountainhead is difficulty all so.

When treat of identifying, derivative endurance and durative problem. Certificate can be updated. Although the individual's position and appearance can be changed, but the person's dactylogram won't change however. The design mark of the brand can develop change of course, advertisement Yi Ran, but the elapse as time, the brand is due ability maintains uniqueness and endurance.

&#The 3rd kind of meaning of 8226; Identity is to depend on crisis of "Identity Crisis"(God) in one word. This is the protracted battle that psychologist describes certain teenage psychology. To search ego, an another celebrity comes to youth follow shape its image. But should imitate Jordan, rice tall&#When 8226; Jackson or Liu De Hua, dawn, they still feel dissatisfaction is sufficient. The constant change of their God makes they raise this one fundamental question: "What is just me true? "What is just me true??

&#Culture of 8226; "cultural Identity(identifies) , this is people come with the similarities and differences of the view of historical setting, viewpoint of value or common to participating in plan hive off, can say social small group has an apparent identifying consequently feature. But their offspring still is in record those who look for them to identify. The child that emigrates for example may feel their both neither belongs to the society of ingoing ground, also do not belong to the motherland of their parents. For establish one identifies, they try to record the difference that begs a decisive foundation to make them inherent dot and they and all round kind of place of the person that be the same as can combine Cheng Yiwen to change whole.

Brand identifying already expanded the identifying of origanization construction (Reitter and Ramanantsoa, 1985;Schwebig, 1988) . If obtain enlightenment from inside the different meaning of the "identity" that a moment ago alluded, that can reach abide by yourself changeless but the identifying of distinctive plan method. The brand knows other and substaintial consist in:
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