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The consumption of the United States is big bank serves market fractionize

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The United States is big consumption of the bank serves market fractionize

The United States is big bank consumes it successfully finance to served business to aim at middleman, is not terminal user. It borrows money in the financing that buy a car and school complete beauty ranks on business the first. Whether should it continue mode of sale of this kind of business to undertake popularizing to the middleman of other sphere? Provide mortgage loan professional work for example; Or should before will investment develop item, it rank the professional work of individual credit card of the 5th? An enterprise whether is there outstanding show on business market and consumptive market sale at the same time?

The United States is big bank the way that the company pays an orgnaization through assuming is managing Manhadu the consumption of 75% serves business, and the network that like the United States the competitor such as the first bank is in state bank and Chicago to form his through establishing the method of extensive branch however. What the United States is big bank adopts is one kind is compared clever and profitable strategy.

The big bank that should give priority to in order to divide industry Wu still regards customer service as when client of sit back and wait of business of user of a kind of terminal comes, the United States is big bank saw a kind of completely different picture however. Normally, two kinds of consumption that differ constitutionally serve business, one kind is terminal user business, one kind is middleman business. Should encounter an individual leasehold when the demand with respect of individual credit card, terminal user can be adopted active, at this moment bank branch just can have business. As corresponding as posture of individual financing business, the financing business of product and service, consuming financing business namely is additional one and the same, be in this one, the middleman that provides product and service often is adopted to business of this kind of financing active.

A few years ago, students reach the parent to go enter a school of each branch application borrows money, housing purchaser seeks mortgage loan everywhere, the personage that buys a car often has all sorts of relevant financing business comparative. As a result of computerization gain ground, make become to the financing business of middleman more easy. Financing has made a part in core product and core sale process. The person that those can offer technical service and the financial product that financing serves quickly for middleman will gain this one market, and can make an indispensable part in whole sale link.

Car middleman drove the occurrence of car financier. The United States is big bank passed her newest computer system to win middleman of 7000 many cars successfully, this system can follow loan business of the client in 3 minutes of kernels. The finance affairs of institute and university is in charge of the personage to table a proposal that can borrow money to need, like if be its client with the realtor,searching guaranty to borrow money. A crucial factor that the United States is big bank grows is the middleman that centers energy to develop those to offer product kimono Wu, and leave the branch with those higher cost to do individual financing business.
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