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Management concept: The path of the network get the upper hand of of well-known

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Well-known trademark has natural advantage on Internet, but have a bit beyond question: Showing a side on Internet merely is insufficient, the key is the management action that should provide one a complete set of on the net.

Although mass main consumable brand already with all sorts of means sortie networks, but have only among them very few one part enterprise runs its brand successful ground to turn to the net. The findings that announces according to Media Metrix shows, in before the whole world visits a quantity 60 website, be less than a half only is website of old brand enterprise. And in these websites, have 3 only (Disney, Microsoft and Suo Ni) before 60 of brand of the international in ranking network brand pop chart.

Bostonian advisory firm is right retail brand undertook investigating on more than 80 nets, the website that these brands are in is the website with the visit larger amount that a few famous orgnaizations hold Media Metrix etc. They discover, although visit amount is very large, but the website of nearly 4/5 lacks distinction to go up at its net already original part of the competitor, also not was opposite from already of card of net top grade run try to improve. Look, the regular lack understanding that extends a brand to the develop on the net is to cause this low the main reason that confuses a condition. Get online as consumer net what next shopping is convenience with each passing day, if the company that has powerful, long brand cannot explore the motive of the network adequately in order to abound its brand acceptance, raise customer loyalty to spend and attract new achieving benefit resource, so they will lose much chance.

Make the brand commitment on the net

Outstanding brand outstanding, be put forward because of them and abided by a series of consumer the understandable, acceptance that admire and trusts. In fact, in the infinite choice when consumer prowl network when, they are compared when the net falls more rely on those well-known trademarks. Go up through changing a reliable brand the network, the enterprise can have promotion to the brand and aggrandizement its bright characteristic.

Let us see the case of southwest airline. Go up through developing a network " the search is bought " business, the acceptance such as the fare with this company's well-known arrangement, low to choosing route point and friendly client service got more of one pace strengthen. On the website of southwest airline, it is OK that the client requires a step only look up reachs the price to schedule, it is OK that after this needs to be clicked 4 times only finish order. In fact, the time that the passenger should not spend only is OK a piece of airline ticket is bought on the website of southwest airline, relative to at the website of other competitor character, finish trade identically the time that process place spends became short one bell. To Internet, this can says is a miracle. Accordingly, its effect clearly: Up to in June 2000, in income of southwest airline passenger 31% come from order a ticket on the net of the company, compare with this photograph, other 2.5% what two complete beauty order ticket income to hold gross earnings only on the net of the biggest airline. Face intense competition, if the enterprise wants to win a client to to oneself the faithfulness of the brand must make a brand commitment and fulfil this commitment cogently. Accordingly, the task that the company faces on the net is: "How does ability utmost ground attract the customer on the net " .
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