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Complete VI project designs a book

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Book of design of complete VI project

Complete VI project designs a book
One, main essential factor designs the vision
2, the preparation that visual application element designs works
3, the specific applying spread out that those who design a project
4, vision of work out VI identifies manual
One, main essential factor designs the vision
Company symbol
Company symbol, can divide the mark that is enterprise oneself and commodity mark.
Company symbol characteristic:
One of, identify a gender.
Secondly, systematization.
Thirdly, oneness.
Its 4, figure sex.
Its 5, times sex.
Company symbol designs exercise circuit:
Investigation enterprise manages visual sense of business of true condition, analysis to design the current situation, its are specific include following current situations:
One of, the overall development of the concept spirit connotation of the enterprise and enterprise plans.
Secondly, quality of character of the battalion carry limits of the enterprise, commodity, service.
Thirdly, the current situation of be on sale of the enterprise and market are had rate.
Its 4, of the enterprise famous degree with the United States praise degree.
Its 5, business operator identifies the expectation of the style to whole figure strategy and vision.
Its 6, the enterprise is relevant competitor and the current situation of this industry characteristic.
1, the idea with clear establish.
2, specific design expression.
3, the careful that the mark works changes:
One of, indicate the careful of detail is changed.
Secondly, indicate the numerical value of configuration changes:
It is pane is changed,
2 it is law of scale dimension mark,
3 it is law of mark of circular arc angle.
Thirdly, the diversification of mark configuration:
The change of line degree of finish;
Bearing the change of form;
Color and black and white change;
The change of all sorts of dots, line, face (if hollow body, reticulation, dot becomes face, line,wait into the face) ;
The configuration of corresponding and different media is changed;
Contractible or the change of enlarge configuration.
Industry standard word
Industry standard word is company name, company brand name weighs slightly, the saying of mobile theme, ad form of a written or printed character that undertake whole is combined and becomes.
Feature of industry standard word:
One of, identify a gender.
Base 2, readability.
Thirdly, design a gender.
Its 4, systematization.
Industry standard word is phyletic:
One of, word of company name standard.
Secondly, product or word of brand name standard.
Thirdly, mark font.
Its 4, word of level of advertisement sex activity.
The enterprise names or more renown:
Enterprise more renown plan has the following kinds of cases:
One of, change company name in the round, include to have the essential factor of basic visual sense such as quality of standard word, level.
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