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The brand strategy of plant of cigarette of green administrative division

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, the core strategy that brand strategy is plant of cigarette of green administrative division

Brand strategy is included at company strategy in, it is the one part of company strategy, it is the foundation that implements company strategy and core. Implement company strategy through brand strategy, the company strategy that does not have a brand is a castle in the air. Be core with company strategy or be core with brand strategy, want to decide according to the competitive position of the enterprise. Own powerful resource and strong brand at the enterprise of industry leader position, appropriate uses company strategy, include brand strategy of course, can do already do a brand to do a business again, brand and enterprise are done at the same time. To relatively puny enterprise, because do not have strong brand and foudroyant resource, can give priority to with brand strategy only it is with company strategy complementary, will limited natural resources is centered at brand strategy, after in an attempt to acquires strong brand position, become leader company. With two homocentric circle expresses the concern of company strategy and brand strategy, so big circle is company strategy, roundlet is brand strategy. Puny enterprise centers main energy to do " roundlet " be lift wisely by what become strong infirmly. Do not eliminate here " big circle " with " roundlet " the enterprise of complete coincide, but this kind of circumstance is very few.

Say brand strategy is the core strategy of plant of cigarette of green administrative division, decide by two big factors, it is the enterprise is in relatively puny position in nicotian industry; 2 it is our country tobacco the industry implements strategy of big company old brand, and this one strategy is carried out period only 3 arrive 5 years, estimation is in 2007 around, through weighing group, annex, change the line of production, shut wait for a method, form 3 to group of 5 large and nicotian industry. Recombine a process in this in, small company changes the line of production or shut, advantage company becomes the bibcock company of nicotian industry group, at " not quite not small, do not lose not by force " cigarette plant of the position will be recombined to be inside group of a certain large and nicotian industry. Before plant of cigarette of green administrative division, 3 roads can go, it is rapid development expands, become future the bibcock enterprise of group of large and nicotian industry; 2 it is brand of exert oneself development, join some nicotian industry group with strong brand, become group emphasis company, hold the significant position inside the group; 3 it is the market gradually atrophic, did not have the brand of vitality, change the line of production or be shut, although join some nicotian industry group, also be to be in footy the position that be partitioned by others at will. Very apparent, our strategic goal is to assure the 2nd kind of result, strive for the first kind likelihood, prevent the 3rd kind of outcome. According to this one judgement, making a brand intently is the core job with current plant of cigarette of green administrative division, be in that is to say show level, brand strategy is the core strategy of plant of cigarette of green administrative division.
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