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Brand strategy: Simplification, diversity, unifinication

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The brand of nothing is more... than with contemporary advisory the most confused domain sought advice, in solid Wu bound, not only international 4A company has its brand model to be like abstruse beauty each " the brand stewards " , of Zhi Wei Shang Xun " brand total sale " , of Da Bisai " brand marrow / turntable " etc, if Mai Ken stannum, wave manages,the strategy that the brand does not involve previously consults a company wait to also push those who give oneself to have a model only in succession suddenly, home is mixed the company is like the earliest flourishing after unwilling also person " brand assistant " , resemble now " 720 ° brand manages " , " 7F mode " more like emerge, these models are the same as in discrepant, have in different with, let a person divide advantages and disadvantages of bad of not clear actor really.
The disorder in academic group even go even farther than, having brand expert to defend Ike greatly " brand of brand asset & identifies " academic, having division of riverside of force of sale expert humble to be strapped especially " brand 6 element " academic, having river mouth of force of advertisement expert humble of Jones " strategical brand management " academic, having fixed position expert of Telaote " the brand locates " academic, those who having question of domestic expert He Jia " 3C brand is managed " theory is waited a moment, confused loaded with unnecessary words is miscellaneous, subordination of photograph of term both neither, structure also cannot compatible, with sale " 4P " clear framework photograph than differring far more than in. This makes a lot of people arose to be experienced so, there still is what understand 3 minutes to hold before the contact that does not have systematization, instead is after the contact of systematization very did not understand.

Abuses is such, different is belonged to deplorable, the author thinks desire radically reform begins from brand strategy first surely, the course is studied for years, the author thinks in the brand of catholicity the existence in managing is worn 3 kinds of basic brand strategies.

One, simplification brand strategy

Simplification brand strategy is all targets bear the weight of on a brand, all resource focusing the strategic type on specific brand. The feature with simplification brand the most typical strategy is all products common a fixed position of a kind of name of a brand, core, main brand identifies, if PHILP is on electric equipment of small home appliance, electric home appliances Previous12 Next