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Hind the brand strategy of contemporary company

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1, hind overview of contemporary company brand
If say modern corporation is to rely on their respective brand to realize his outspread dream, so, to hind for modern corporation, the brand is the foundation that its live. A mature brand is representing a kind of speech and power.

The importance of the brand already exceeded land, money and manpower sth used to one's own advantage
Modern after society, the brand already became the intangible assets with the mainest business. The president of Coke Cola says, although be in Coke Cola global plant is entire finish, it still can be between one night stage a comeback. The reason depends on, the brand serves as tremendous intangible assets, its importance already exceeded the land, money, technology and manpower capital a lot of element that forms a company. Of cosmopolitan brand have a quantity to already made the important standard that measures actual strength of a country. Wait for a developed country like the United States, Japan, its are cosmopolitan the has quantity and its state actual strength of the brand is very match. Accordingly, the global economy of modern society competes after will evolve into those who be a brand to contend for, brand strategy can regard a kind of country as the strategy. Below such setting, contemporary industry pattern undertakes after large-scale combination, annex and recombine, contemporary industry group and the group is allied phenomenon after building will become 21 centuries a gallant economic scenery line.

Of the brand modelling is a system, scientific and lengthy process
No matter be in contemporary or hind contemporary, of the brand modelling is a system, scientific and lengthy process, but hind contemporary industry pattern can accelerate this one process. East wins in " overspeed mode " what sum up in one book hind growing mode of contemporary company exceed the speed limit, have very great real sense, be worth to study energetically with promotion.
About hind contemporary company grows to build compose to just just begin with what the brand models theory, the mode with more outstanding more still awaits the collective summary of the person that carry out and egghead and creation. When exceed the speed limit of contemporary after apply company carries out enterprise dilate and brand to model into long mode, should note the following problem:

(1) hind it is opposite that the overspeed of contemporary company becomes long pattern at contemporary industry pattern, it achieves its management and brand dilate goal quickly, span relative to what can realize certain level to go up at contemporary company type develops. But hind contemporary industry management pattern is not a kind " mythological mode " , carry out this one mode and practice contemporary and even classic industry pattern is a system, scientific and lengthy process likewise, its systematization and scientific sex and contemporary company posture compare a go even farther than. Wait like Microsoft, Dai Er, Yahoo in the fact that is cosmopolitan brand grows in short time, all without exception is containing its are modelled in the brand with dilate be opposite in the process the elaborate research of new management pattern and apply;
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