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Why is the brand met " ageing "

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"Boat of travel of against the current, do not enter retreat " , the maintenance that will describe brand image with this word and construction it may be said are apt. If maintaining the stance of advancement and innovation momently, the brand has the risk that is mixed to fall into disuse by ageing at any time. About the problem of brand ageing, brand experts benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom, left various final conclusion to causing the cause of brand ageing already: Somebody thinks because the product lacks innovation be caused by,brand ageing is, somebody thinks advertisement engineers what carry out with transmission to be less than an ageing that brought about brand image, the mainest reason that returning somebody to think to rise abruptly quickly of competitive brand is brand ageing... afore-mentioned all these treatise about brand ageing, look in the author, correct but not quite not comprehensive complete, essential without development. Plan of devoid innovation, ad and transmission do not carry out the product to reach the designated position, competitive brand rises abruptly quickly is the main factor that causes brand ageing admittedly, but a kind of idea that these elements are brand ageing problem only, it is the problem of a kind of executive level, be not is the core that causes brand ageing and crucial place. So even if afore-mentioned these problems were solved temporarily, the situation of brand ageing also can be not redeemed certainly. And these, its key reason depends on cognitive to the brand limitation. Want to know brand ageing correctly, premise still depends on how cognitive brand, definition brand, if be put in the problem to the acknowledge of brand itself, so talk about brand ageing as good as at a castle in the air, disagreement is real. Brand of correct and cognitive brand is commercialized product, the market changes ceaselessly, the value of place delegate also is in the brand to produce change ceaselessly, if use the viewpoint of value of product times seller's market to define and understand today's brand, have a problem apparently. In current spending material is all-time and rich, in the buyer's market that information makes what develop before empty, consumer has been the extreme link of brand economy chain no longer, they had become the critical factor that decides brand destiny. Say wraparoundly, the brand is consumer and objective of enterprise by product (service) or the child after affection happening is interactive. Consumer is the crucial factor that the brand makes, also be the main reason of brand ageing, the spot that brand ageing produces is not however in the market in consumer cerebra. And afore-mentioned alleged a few big factors that cause brand ageing, its are deadly defect depends on oversight the crucial factor that this one brand makes consumer, and the reason that the angle that stands in the enterprise merely goes to analysing brand ageing, its can be take temporary solution only as a result not effect a permanent cure. Solve the postulate of brand ageing or right cognitive brand so. Be opposite according to newest brand development theory the definition of the brand, the brand is a flock of some customer that have identical consumption feature, pair of because of the life and social need products in interacting with the society in the life (or service) a kind of concentration of the demand that generates and desire, and by is right commodity (or service) experience one kind. The demand that can say customer and desire are the core of the brand, decided the development with final brand and destiny. The demand administrative levels of consumer demand and Si Luo of horse of brand ageing basis is academic, person offset expends the demand of the data and desire, going up objectively is existence administrative levels. After getting basically satisfaction when the need of low administrative levels, its prompt action can be reduced, its advantage position will maintain no longer go down, the need of high administrative levels can replace it to make the main reason that urges action. And once some need are contented, cannot become the cause that invokes people act, be replaced by other need then. Report of this kind of behavior comes up to the brand that regards consumption as the data, the satisfaction that exceeds a brand to be able to be offerred when the demand of consumer (consume pleasure) hind, if trademark owner cannot become the relevant element of the brand in time to undertake adjustment to compose, create new consumptive inducement according to the change of demand, so the brand is met very fast ageing, meet with consumer place is disgustful. From this, we can know, between the consumptive pleasure that the demand that creates the core reason of brand ageing to depend on consumer be being consumed to the brand and brand can offer customer be out of line. If the brand can be on the additional value such as objective function and affection,bring consumer enough consumptive pleasure, the brand is agreed with with respect to what can win customer and love, can produce brand beauty praise spend He Zhongcheng; But if consumer is right,the consumptive demand of the additional value such as brand objective function or affection exceeds a brand to be able to be offerred, so the consumptive pleasure that the brand can take customer is met less and less, final result is brand image is in consumer memory gradually ageing, the consumptive attention of consumer is attracted by other trademark gradually. And after with consumer when the brand demand happening is out of line, the directest expression is product lack innovates or new product cannot get consumer to approbate, ad plan and media transmission are broken anxious, brand image is ambiguous with each passing day, market share is competed stage by stage brand nibble. Accordingly, solving the method with brand best ageing is not after the event remedy, however beforehand precaution. Because once brand image produces ageing, in wanting to turn round consumer cerebra, to the brand the acknowledge of figure is an extremely difficult issue, only beforehand prevents, pay close attention the change of consumer demand just is the most significant step that solves brand ageing. Welcome and Globrand (global brand net) the point of view that column author discusses you and view, mei Jiang, currently hold the post ofcelebrity company to engineer chief inspector, founder of brand development theory. Welcome and everybody communicate jointly and discuss. E-mail:
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