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Brand strategy: Silent kid -- company brand strategy seeks advice from fluorosco

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Brand strategy: Silent kid
-- -- company brand strategy seeks advice clairvoyant

(Shanghai) Huangyun gives birth to Liu Wei


In brand be in power today, consult when us 4 of brand asset basic standards (alleged " famous degree, beautiful praise degree, faithfulness is spent associate with the brand " ) when measure Chinese native land brand, total hard to avoid lays regret idea suddenly, of brand of deep feeling China empty turn the crisis, although include numerous China famous brand,also be pure symbolism merely, have extensive famous spend and the faithfulness of rare deepness is spent, the brand lacks individual character, of the person that fail to form offset of benign interactive relation, brand to expend between brand and product buy decision-making consequence very finite, of rarer clarity, constant core value. Overall and character, this is brought about. Lacked brand strategy, brand construction lacked consistency direction, brand management does not have Zhang Ke abide, the transmission of the brand and promotion are annual " letter day swims " , the brand project that huge of numerous industry momentum, investment does not poor often is deficient in outstanding achievement, the value of the brand and meaning also show without the body, prep let alone accumulates brand asset. Can say, native land brand is badly in need of strategic program, need strategic management more.

Be based on afore-mentioned understanding, since entering 90 age, include Enterprise IG (namely raise is special) , Landor(namely Lang Tao) , Futurebrand, Trout (namely Telaote) wait for the trademark with well-known international to seek advice from an orgnaization to land China in succession, and home, orgnaization of many designs related to the brand, advertisement, CIS also in succession suddenly change one's identity, "Transition " become brand management to serve an orgnaization, regard the fine red that resolves brand crisis as clever medicine " brand strategy plans " and even " brand strategy manages " seek advice, of course ground made the gold-lettered signboard item of orgnaizations of these China and foreign countries.

But " brand strategy " after all why content? "Does brand strategy manage " what to manage after all? Its definition, content, measure, foundation, action and purpose? How should plan? How to manage? . . . . . . To these problems, even if leading authority of international brand authority people also be like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply, not speak in detail, the understanding of domestic advisory orgnaization is miscellaneous of numerous and complicated, good and evil people mixed up more, god-given its are solved. Actually, to brand management, study to what brand strategy and brand strategy manage especially, although still also be a new task to western society, in learning and enterprise advisory bound still is in start level. Although write,like international accepted brand asset authority defends · Ike greatly have " build strong brand " , " administrative trademark asset " with " the brand is led " wait for can to become classical trilogy, but discuss in its in, also not " brand strategy " the statement that has made fundamental definition and clarity, numerous " brand strategy " the word also is done not have specific indicate, prep let alone " brand strategy manages " . With respect to home character, it is a muddleheaded blank more, advisory service orgnaization returns the understanding with mature neither one to brand strategy question, more shortage operates experience, it is merely a few far crudely, the ideology that does not become the transmission with systematic even pallet shallow to direct, it is the wrong view of deliberately misrepresent even, more it is an an empty catchword, good will only just. Advisory course of study to " brand strategy " the understanding of the task and operation are more extremely troubled, "A change in form but not in content " " make a profit in troubled situation " person have, "Character weighs Rome surely " " take doctrine " person those who have, more be " feeling stone to cross a river " " Han Dan toddle " person, the good and bad are intermingled, multifarious, have greatly " try to palm off sth. inferior to what it purports to be " " new wine in old bottles " disrelish.
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