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Imagine afresh: Conception of strategy of cut cellar brand

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3 individual plant, Qin Chi, love much, flying dragon these well-known trademarks that Ceng Yi spends all-powerful, can say nobody do not know, unmanned not dawn, the trademark is well-known degree had achieved perfection, so its taste card value inevitable also very tall, why can you see Qian Chao returns again? The trademark is well-known it is admittedly important to spend, but if do not have brand beauty praise degree, rich brand associates, character is approbated those who spend prop up, those who remain is nevertheless bearing ancillary assets notoriety " brand " just. Why 3 individual plant are to drink an old man dead allegedly nevertheless, was the divine result that repair refine for years and becomes abandoned? And the everybody such as Mcdonald's, Coke Cola's accepted rubbish food, in world each district uninterrupted experience censures variously, blame, still demote more jump over flourishing? In stand facing each other of card of one defective goods, the author once had told a joke: "If Coke Cola drinks a person dead, the first reaction of everybody, it is to think somebody issued poison rear certainly, and won't suspecting is the disaster that coke causes; If exchange fluid of profess to convinced of 3 individual plant, although be the plain boiled water that does not have any effect originally, that old man arrived originally the last hour of life, drank a fluid of profess to convinced of 3 individual plant that oneself like most immediately before one's death, the thing of original fictitiousing zero, want somebody to give off evil wind to come only, the first reaction of everybody, it is Ning Xinji has certainly, and do not believe its to not have. " if be case of injustice really, so 3 individual plant this to whose right? Lessons drawn from others' mistakes, the division of funeral affairs. Died a 3 individual plant, loss admittedly very big, but the brand leader that if can sleep lightly,a flock of arbitrary absurd are, avoid at follow the same old disastrous road, so the value with 3 dead trunk of a tree! Still use ad in numerous enterprise " bomber " at make " hundred years brand " when, be necessary to imagine afresh to oneself baby brand, refine of what kind of brand strategy ability is become true " immortal not old " personally? The author often makes the enterprise iterate that has a brand oneself to be fond of a word: "Beautiful heavy gold makes the goal of the brand, it is to waiting for the sky to drop pasty in the future " . Because attribute his gain truly,the sky falls down, creation does not come out. The inside of sudden huge profits of the international big shop sign such as Coke Cola, Bao Jie is ceaseless by exposure, the former juice value of one canister coke does not spend money a few minutes, the cost that runs toothpaste is malcontent 5 horn, are they to choosing fund? To the liquor brand that invades exclusively without international tycoon, be necessary vigilant, is oneself brand capital fund the biggest turn operation? Climb on the ground, still fly in the sky? Master those who choose fund " abracadabra " ? Below with brand of liquor new fighting spirit " cut cellar " for exemple, imagine afresh to strategy of cut cellar brand, the hope can feel the key of open exchequer. Sex of the look up before this conception builds what be opposite before Chinese liquor 10 ponders over a foundation to go up, the brand that just tries to do one inaccuracy to decide wishs scene hypothesis, hope can correspondence did not come to an enterprise at cut cellar strategic goal, the purpose is all-around build cut cellar to be in China the brand position of liquor industry. The overall train of thought of this conception is the brand platform construction from cut cellar, to brand fixed position, framework, arrive again brand originality, transmission, advance rank brand rectifies jointly owned to sell finally, comprehensive compose builds the brand system of cut cellar. The brand strategy of cut cellar, above all must the driving force that can generate contented consumer demand, if graceful is beautiful, through " wear change " , production dream, will attract a hope to have the lady of slender curve; Still must have brand driving force, be like jewel of Hong Kong red house, through " I have me true " core appeals to beg, the competitor new fixed position is " false " goods, attack position of adversary crucial point continuously, lie between adversary area the sphere of influence that gives his thereby; More important is the requirement that must satisfy an agent, can bring for the agent the biggest the multiple profit origin that change. The top class brand such as Maotai of platform of cut cellar brand, 5 grain is built go up in long historical status platform; Burgeoning brand " well lane " also trying to make " the first lane of Chinese " industry platform; International tip brand " Bao Jie " the success also is to build compose to be as long as in Bao Jie company 166 years on powerful enterprise platform of the history. Where should be the brand platform of cut cellar built? Build base in " the history " on? Play historical card, already much enougher; Build in " culture " on? Bogus culture has overrun, the great void; Build compose to be in " affection " on? Too small! The brand platform standard of cut cellar must quite quite quite tall, big, firm, still must have deep intention, the author's proposal is: Borrow situation! With situation! Situation of be in harmony! Multiply situation and case! In having royal the China that adores complex, can let person couplet think of grandiose, homage, long place nature is not " the Imperial Palace " not belonged to, so, whether can consider to build the brand platform of cut cellar here -- " the Imperial Palace has 9999 palace, cut has 9999 Tibet cellar " . This is cut cellar make hundred years brand fertile soil, also be the bethel that the industry contends. Cut cellar brand locates liquor brand puts in levels of such a few kinds of position roughly: It is cheap wine of the representing with local low wine, to consumer, put in price temptation only, and without other value but character; Wait for the domestic wine that is a delegate with double round, bright light, only product value; Wait for the business affairs wine that is a delegate with fine quality goods of small muddleheaded celestial being, 9 Yun, besides product value, still had fair brand value; Wait for the gift wine that is a delegate with fluid of Maotai, 5 grain, besides value of product, brand, already increased far-reaching culture value; And those who hold a product, brand, culture and historical value concurrently collect wine, still do not have strong brand. Existent liquor brand is basic and OK end locates for 4 kinds: It is the corporeal style that heads with wine of 5 grain fluid, man; 2 be with cellar of well lane, country 1573, the sword Na Chun, a kind of spirit distilled in Fenyang numerous history clique that is a delegate; 3 it is the culture style that heads with wine of drunkard wine, be willing to part with or use; The 4th kind of history culture that is similar Maotai joins one group. The findings that the market signs up for shows: When consumer is undertaking evaluating to the quality of liquor, the element of the mainest consideration is the mouthfeel of liquor, chooser place occupies scale to amount to 49.9% . Discover in the investigation that spends to consumer brand acknowledge, when consumer is choosing some brand, basically consider what the element chooses mouthfeel to occupy 47.5% . How does cut cellar create consumer demand? The price, be still mouthfeel? Why the strongest to consumer driving force " mouthfeel " , did not form strong fixed position up to now? Brand of king old auspicious locates from " Chinese traditional medicine of 170 one's remaining years expert " change is " be afraid of suffer from excessive internal heat, drink Wang Laoji " , the time that used a year only upgrades from area brand namely for countrywide brand, sale amount rises from 1.8 violent wind to 1.35 billion. Cut cellar brand locates make clear and be being broken through is transition whether successful key! So, does cut cellar still have the fixed position chance with be had better? The analysis from above can conclude basically: Do not have strong fixed position at present the liquor brand at mouthfeel, have not appear the liquor brand that main attack collects fixed position, also have not appear characteristic of clear transmission liquor (sweet model) liquor brand, although have,locate to hoard wine, but without the standard. From this, we are OK fixed position of brand of inference cut cellar exists such a few kinds likelihood: Moving because of mouthfeel is the first element of consumer driving force, its are applicable the range is wide, cut cellar can be denied through " the path that tastes wine " , emphasize tasting wine, with product strength score a success, liquor of strong and occupational China the first mouthfeel? Whether it is breach in order to collect wine, pull drink gift wine, popularize business affairs wine thereby, with brand force score a success, roll out directly collect wine series, is liquor of race to control highest industry position? Whether OK clear with sweet model the area is lain between, raise white spirit 4 big sweet model delegate: Represent sauce with Maotai sweet model, represent aroma with 5 grain fluid model, represent faint scent with a kind of spirit distilled in Fenyang model, is cut cellar exclusive hold concurrently sweet model? Direct still loot " the world wine of the first hoard " renown date, make hoard wine do greatly fully? Whether can reach a such inference: It is core with hoard, beg to appeal to with mouthfeel, be a mark in order to collect? The brand structure of cellar of cut of framework of cut cellar brand can consider to accept such brand framework: With cut of cut lane, gold, in taking wine of live front courtyard low end the market; With lane of cut cellar, cut, market of the high end in wine of enterprising business affairs; Use cut store sth in a cellar or pit 20 years, 25 years, take by storm collects market of high end of wine, gift wine. The characteristic of framework of this kind of brand is: Focusing concentration, do not leave from beginning to end " cut " ; Perpendicular and integrated, multivariate the brand puts in his 's charge each; With be being pulled high low, the system promotes a brand value. The first mouthfeel appeals to originality of cut cellar brand beg originality: Put forward mouthfeel standard, mouthfeel clearly to indicate, roll out directly " the path that tastes wine " . Collect wine to appeal to beg originality: Make unique aesthetic value (distinctive drinking vessel) , offer series collect demand (12 cut) , satisfy the psychological requirement of the appreciation that keep a cost, offer the indicative sense of grade, swipe " the banquet is not promoted without 12 cut, the home does not have 12 cut not flourishing " ! Hoard wine appeals to beg originality: With " the Imperial Palace has 9999 palace, cut has 9999 Tibet cellar " for platform, with " male cellar, female cellar, shake cellar, Xun cellar, bank cellar, from cellar, straightforward cellar, exchange store sth in a cellar or pit " the name that it is cellar, distinguish by the Eight Diagrams, in order to maintain uncanny sense, pass male cellar the 168 date, 888 number such as date, the history that adds customer knows the same feeling. Cut cellar brand transmits transmission of cut cellar brand to should hold to 3 big principles: It is transmission angle, like the friend, regard the client as when others when god, we already regarded the client as friend; 2 it is transmission deepness, maintain uncanny sense, do not say the word clear forever, hold the question of consumer forever; 3 it is transmission range, advertisement is a kind of tool only, is not all tool. Focusing travels " cut " , assemble brand force into what have penetration to stimulate beam of light. Cut cellar brand can take pattern of 3 kinds of transmission: Terminal travels, it is core with figure; The product travels, in order to differ centre of gravity of different melt into; Media travels, it is the centre of a circle with focusing. Cut cellar brand transmits a key: Use collect wine to be in A kind terminal shapes image, build figure terminal to transmit source dot; Use public concern transmission, build brand reliability; Build distinctive public praise to spread way; Occupy the transmission height of area center market at the same time. Where does the market of strategy of new brand of cellar of cut of sale of cut cellar brand break through a dot to be in? How does countrywide sale strategy occupy collar height to spend? How does brand sale strategy realize resource the biggest change apply? Whether can Beijing field make the model model of new brand strategy? Does market of Hong Kong, Taiwan make the diving board that enters an international market whether likely? Make the transmission the centre of a circle of mainland market again at the same time? Besides conventional route, whether existing other route? Dish in dish whether be culminating mode, is there the possibility that denies promotion? How to make cut cellar forms mark of wine of new business affairs? Layout of cut cellar strategy is made with all one's strength " Beijing, Xi'an, Nanjing, Hefei, Hong Kong " market of 5 big sample plate, base oneself upon 5 big fulcrum, form a center to radiate then, the strategic market position that covers highly. (this draft carries formerly at " newspaper of wine of an ancient name for China " ) Welcome and Globrand (global brand net) the point of view that the author discusses you and view, cui Tao, senior management consults adviser, the orgnaization of famous brand strategy adviser inside Ceng Zaiguo -- advisory limited company of sale of Shanghai outstanding letter holds the position of manager of politic guidance, project, home's famous now company strategy seeks advice from an orgnaization -- limited company of business management of Shanghai building circumference holds the position of advanced managing to seek advice from chief inspector of advisory, client. The client of the service includes new in petrifaction of beer of big, Yan Jing, Lan Lian, Bao Na this, chiliad health care, Zhejiang is sweet wave wave, 51.COM, Kendiya, O.C.T, Ya alizarin red, Gelaide, Tian Zhijin, beauty. Connect a telephone call: 13918194072 email:
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