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Brand, bright give you " sword "

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The precipitation that the formation of the brand needs time and wholeheartedly accumulate. The brand is just like a person, the sun that is born from him rises the person that the brand is founded, namely his " parental " can attend by every means all the different kind is caressed. From eat, drink, pull scatter the garment, feed, live, row; From grown become a useful person wive is parturient. How many do the painstaking effort of brand founder Fu Zhu and sweat have not to have law statistic, parental the heart that holds for the child cannot be repaid more. So, I think the growing experience that compares the brand into a person is very apt. Of the brand found need to be taken out " bright sword " courage. Because face the corporeal brand with complex numerous and complicated and aeriform brand, face have a brand product and if do not have,do not have brand product " bright sword " courage, also do not have ability and actual strength and competitor to grab without courage already, go going all out, the brand cannot be built. The reliance of the brand, faithfulness and outspread criterion more have no way is mentioned. Well-known, child with a ha is breathed out, Le Baishi and farmer spring are China " water market " 3 old brands, although what the successor that emerge in endlessly waits for a brand like health master try best to catch up, but the situation of their win-win already formed 3 minutes of the world to have firstly the situation of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces, enter cannot shake. But be in " water battle " before erupting, pattern is not such, farmer spring faces child of clean water company to with a ha breath out the threatening offensive that goes up in water market with Le Baishi, and France amounts to the enormous literary work that can combine Zong Lianheng in Chinese market, ranked spring of farmer of tertiary of bottled water market to already was forced in fact corner. Right now, farmer spring had courage to shine oneself " sword " active aggression. Farmer spring rolls out the comparative experiment of a group of clean water and natural water first, again earnest point out: For human health, we do not produce clean water, produce natural water only; After that, roll out " young scientist " , those who let pupil raise goldfish " popular science " news, holding press conference, talkfest ceaselessly is the news in news, write countrywide food industry to standardize committee even, be restricted its give answer to the problem of natural water inside 7 days; Then farmer spring is undertaking again " embellish of high price, tall advertisement, usury " mode is run, the assistance of the delegacy of the advertisement of each channel of centrally TV station, Chinese athletic sports to Sydney Olympic Games; Advertisement word " farmer spring is a bit sweet " the psychological suggestion that had pair of customer again. Through relatively clever tactics, in in natural water (mineral water) spring of the farmer in this new field can compete to it without the person again, according to statistical rank, farmer spring already resided the 2nd. Can see from this, at the beginning of the brand is built, be flimsy, consolidate solid brand connotation is worth with brand price only, have courage " bright sword " , and brave " bright sword " , have can make the brand gets be crossinged firm jumping, can succeed. Brand " casting sword " business sea strikes with respect to me the individual thinks, if want to build strong brand to need to use original brand casting with respect to a Li Jian, make become already can defend oneself also can strike " secret weapon " , make of the brand reveal an unapproachable force. The as strongest as Chinese search engine " Baidu " , take the word that abandons disease from laborious " numerous in search her a thousand times, dusk like that that person is in turn one's head however lights wanes to the close place " " , this kind has artistic conception already make a lot of person familiar to the ear can the height that the word of detailed rises to economy, "Baidu " search engine company is being cast off hard " blind imitation with ludicrous effection " figure, it was used knowledgeably " Chinese concept " . So, just have " have a problem, baidu " , make the lasting effect brand of Baidu. And Baidu is in as stronger as the actual strength such as GOOGLE, Yahoo search engine company to be when competition, baidu casting " Li Jian " the Nasidake that can be in the United States namely appears on the market. "Baidu " the language of simple clarity holds thing through the form is passed diversiformly, raised Baidu greatly in the public famous degree, forging eventually a position of market of first of Chinese search engine. "Brand casting is brilliant " , and brilliant need a brand more " casting gives Li Jian " conquer adversary while, also conquer the heart of consumer. Casting of ground of acumen of acerbity breast of unconscious ox acid " god 5 God " and " super female voice " two Li Jian, become acerbity breed of unconscious ox acid very quickly lactic acid beverage the first brand, modelled tall brand famous spend and the character trait with bright brand. And Founder group casting " Li Jian " depended on permeating Chinese culture and Chinese complex consumer heart in, and be revealed with high-tech figure give its tremendous glamour. The standard inside the much territory that just allowing numerous and jumbled inside brand structural frame, with ad saying -- Chinese Founder, our Founder, cooperate Chinese red label, build whole visual dissemination system, "High-tech " brand image content tends afresh clear. The sword shines, cannot call in " bright sword " although be cheesy, but " bright sword " not be plain sailing however. Since a lot of enterprises and product have courage to shine in succession very much,gave Li Jian, have greatly " be about to try with the ruler of heaven than tall " situation. Before this they ever can have thought of, once this sword of your enterprise and product shines, namely " spilt water cannot be gathered up again " ah! Although courage is laudable, but even be particular about is politic, because of,meet only otherwise brand " bright sword " inadvertent and bring about a brand be just the opposite to what one wished. 10 name wine of Chinese " sword Na Chun " brand widely known. As the sword of mother brand Na Chunwei enlarges an influence, implementation brand is outspread go forward one by one with the brand, 2002 brave " bright sword " rolled out child brand " Jin Jianna " wine. As a result of " Jin Jianna " wine is below the influence with tremendous brand of sword Na Chun's mother, and pass company of peaceful of Sichuan A Er and Hong Kong later establish Lai group and Guangdong Hong Sen group great actual strength of powerful force of 3 big money is driving of a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord " admit raise " and repackage and deserve to wait for politic ability with powerful TV ad embark upon a political venture appears on the market appear. Then, "Jin Jianna " wine is growing start shooting of on bender of Sha Qiuji candy one artillery piece in those days, come back to be namely inside a few short months with mysterious sale outstanding achievement, created in those days wine town is small confuse a miracle below, one of your husband company of sale of peaceful of Sichuan A Er goes limelight. "Jin Jianna " the it may be said of the first sword that this brandish goes out gave wine already limelight, also got material benefit, the path plus A Ertai company's mature and old sale, start shooting of one artillery piece has his moment the market is no wonder also! But next is Jin Jianna however call export order to want to mix in the market " well lane " , " country cellar 1573 " competition, because this terminal retail price was in surely,300 yuan control a bottle. People discovers very quickly, "Well lane " and " country cellar 1573 " brand value all prep above price 300 yuan this class. "Jin Jianna " although have this real value, do not have the right brand value of this price however, so, "Jin Jianna " this price is the adversary that tastes in the contest on same battle line far from. And " Jin Jianna " established a 300 yuan price after all. So, who is this price to rushing? Common people suddenly be enlightened, that is " Maotai " and " 5 grain fluid " . Jin Jianna is attacked with losing strong, clever calculate deeply, brought about show the market nowadays cannot " scene emersion " , still be mixed by fluid of Maotai, 5 grain sword Na Chun this " 3 big hill " pressing. In the meantime, "Jin Jianna " grafting overrides at strong mother brand even on strong brand, "Sword Na Chun " be overcome right " sword Na Chun " the brand is faithful person won't accept as much. "Jin Jianna " and " sword Na Chun " be " attack personal aegis with personal lance " from this " Jin Jianna " be evaluated " brand value is very cadaverous, brand fixed position is more ambiguous, only support advertisement and terminal go all out in the market bottle, the value that did not solve a brand truly, appeal to beg, fixed position problem. Can say " Jin Jianna " " bright sword " did not chop others, hurt oneself however. Visible brand " bright sword " not be mere by what rely on courage and courage and insight to make taste a brand to get impregnable of reputation Yuan Yang, what still need science is decision-making the promotion plan with a series of one a complete set of. Again confirm " advertisement with a bang does not come out the faithfulness of the brand, it is a kind of acknowledge, affirmation, faithful, it is next to the habit successful and excessive " . Brand " bright sword " be to forging " the brand is classical " a lot of model the brand that come out already successfully, can " bright sword " or ceaseless " bright sword " , participate in competition in the center, make oneself brand is mixed to classical brand from common brand finally namely of hundred years brand give delay. And these are admired by everybody beside us long already classical brand or hundred years brand often can be attracted deeply. In the meantime, we also are met dug these classical brands are how can become classical. Serve as classical brand " 100 benefit " leather shoes the first time come out, still be used to letting shoemaker make the period of shoe mostly in Europe. Like most and classical brand, "100 benefit " all the time hard dismiss from one's mind its outstanding tradition of more than 150 years, those who emphasize a product is meticulous, to attain perfect, it is a kind of creative work that affects honor and dignity. Run condition and system of welfare of rich original company goodly, making a lot of staff members feel him is " 100 benefit person " , often a few acting people are faithful at this enterprise. They believe, real skill won't be forgotten because of time die, its value and fame can grow as time elapse, "100 benefit " the sword that shines is a flock of devoteding to enterprise, devoted to " 100 benefit " the person of the brand. Of course, although a lot of brand products return China,do not go up quite hundred years brand, but classical brand is seen everywhere however. "Red flag car is " . Red flag car is our country has the car that has own intellectual property not only, and it bore the weight of the glory of a few acting people and dream. Mao Zedong of leader of generation country, Zhou En will had sat proudly, also had recieved Nixon's president at the same time with it, made contribution to restore Sino-US relation normalization. And, comrade Xiaoping that regards our country as the 2nd acting leader ever was sitting it undertook famous " 84 big parade " . Red flag car is the car that our country makes the first times noisy classical brand, abroad call it China " Laosilaisi " . We make car person also is to have a special liking to it, now, "Red flag " not only as a brand reservation comes down, and still improving ceaselessly. The brand is agreed with by consumer place and angle, what brand place enjoys to bring below the condition that its glamour depends on it making the person can be being loosened completely is convenient mix with material benefit be at ease, its glamour is radiative the ray that come out is dazzling, it is authentic, having enormous value and rich culture inside information. Singapore aviation is one of airline with global gain the strongest capability all the time, be famous in course of study with the figure of popular trend guide and industry challenger inside. This is attributed to new boat board of directors and the brand that high-level leader carries out to supervise the work greatly, they are clinging from beginning to end to brand strategy advocacy consecratory drive. The brand strategy of new boat is much to the fine of inchoate development help of the company, strategic success carries out the brand asset that brought up health, make its make Asian market a classic brand case. So of the brand " bright sword " often have unexpected tricky move each, the strange move of the sword of the brand, just like novel of golden commonplace knight-errant " Tu Long leaning on a day is written down " medium " lean on Tian Jian " same, the force of the brand achieves one sword to seal the effect of larynx to make, go-between of all corners of the country and competitor become terror-stricken at the news, adversary not dare to it fight hand to hand. But the forestall that this won't be kind of oligarch, also not be to have a kind when have an actual brand enterprise and product " dominate exclusively behavior " , it is one kind dares to be cost with the brand " bright sword " hind the nature regression that founds classical brand and name of essence of hundred years brand to return. Korea is in electronic industry is a promising young person, of Japan, Euramerican brand " value sense, prestige feeling, high-grade feeling " with " hi-tech figure " should precede far at Korea brand. However, if you are a person with high aspirations and determination of a life, you can discover all these is being changed sadly, korea brand especially SamSung realized a brand successfully to surmount, establish case " the digital technology of high-grade feeling, fashionable feeling and lead " figure, make the brand has higher excessive price capacity, in high end product of consumptive electron, communication and IT product domain occupied position. Nowadays, samSung mobile phone already was become many in the choice of good-paying personage, player of the recording pen of SamSung, MP3 is bestowed favor on newly into what be people, samSung notebook computer more with beautiful beautiful exterior and unprecedented dactylogram switch on the mobile phone to wait for a function and be chased after white-collarly hold in both hands. The product with advanced, beautiful design returns these functions to let people find SamSung brand ceaselessly " the digital technology of high-grade feeling, fashionable feeling and lead " . The SamSung brand that goes no matter experienced what setback and blow, but it is held out, successful with " bright sword " person attitude is participated in with Nuojiya, Motolora the market of classical old brand contends for such international with the bulk that grabs a beach come in incident. Draw boils wine to talk a hero, viewing the world is whose the world. A low-key brand needs renascence, a brand that lasts needs the complement of follow-up provisions, brand of a powerful effect to classical brand excessive, these brands need completely " bright sword " courageous and resolute with sagacious, reach right brand raising of things to a higher level like phoenix Nie huge rock.
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