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Ahmadi scientific planning to help companies brand architecture

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Ahmadi Core Consulting Services: FBC04 "brand architecture and brand strategy" How many a business and can carry many brands? Company, business, products and what is the relationship between brands and how related? These two issues is the problem of brand architecture, through the company's overall marketing strategy and marketing operations into. When the company completed a brand structure, a huge question mark was placed in front of decision makers: how rational planning of each brand positioning and development planning, to ensure a clear, unified, coordinated and prioritized to build the brand, which brand strategy is to solve the problem. In fact, most enterprises lack of brand-based strategic planning and scientific design, it is difficult to rationalize the corporate, business areas, to undertake the relationship between products, more difficult to guide the development of identified priority brand echelon and the corresponding allocation of resources, for enterprises to establish a unified , strong competitiveness of the brand. Ahmadi help companies structure their own brand of scientific planning: the multi-brand, parent brand, the composite brand, based on a single brand in the four modes enemy, I love, quotes, carefully selected for the enterprise customer intelligence, the endorsement type, umbrella, causes type, scope type, line type, product type of the six structures tailored for the enterprise strategic planning. Brand architecture identified, Ahmadinejad also help companies determine their own brand strategy, provide a comprehensive system for the range of issues to solutions such as: brand architecture in the brand's position and direction of development of specific brand positioning management, whether the Taurus brand extension? Flanking the brand is put? How offensive and defensive fighting brand? Give up the Brand How to quit? How the brand communication, promotion, channels integrated enterprise integration playing a group of competitive brands?