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"Twelve Five-Year" plan of China most attractive zones (parks) BRAND AWARDS fo

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"Twelve Five-Year" plan of China's most attractive zones (parks) brand awards ceremony will be held 12-14 December 2010 held at Beijing's Diaoyutai grand. The forum is to "focus on 'second five' plan were to promote inclusive growth" as the theme, to fully implement the Party Central Committee and State Council on the "five-second period of strategic planning and to promote inclusive growth," the instructions, product Pole inventory, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" of economic and social development in China since the brilliant achievements, the scientific development of "second Five-Year" plan to accelerate the transformation of the main line of economic development, deepen reform and opening up, protect and improve people's livelihood Consolidate and expand the results of the impact of the international financial crisis, the long-term stable and rapid economic development and social harmony and stability, for building a moderately prosperous society in laying the foundation of decisive significance. Grand award will be held Awards ceremony, famous experts and scholars and individuals personally for award winning, live coverage throughout the mainstream media hundred. "Twelve Five" is the transfer of industrial upgrading and industrial critical period, industry and regional development practice is the real practice of 5 years in the future China will pay more attention to economic, environmental and energy three major areas of coordination of synchronous growth. "Twelve Five "Target rich people put forward, which means the state will improve the income distribution, income distribution system reform and upgrade to a more important strategic height. This is to promote social fairness and justice, narrowing the wealth gap, regional disparities, poor industry Distance and improve the quality of strategic change in national development. So, how the pursuit of national wealth from rich people emphasized the smooth transition to integration? How to achieve inclusive growth of regional economies? How better, faster realization of building a well- The great goal of society? A local government's current priority. This is exactly the focus of the forum. The General Assembly will hold a keynote speech over the same period, high-end dialogue, Matchmaking, welcome dinner, study tours and a series of colorful activities, will become participants in the forum exchanges and cooperation and seek common development and efficient platform The event organizers will strive to fight the largest celebration of the most influential brand.