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Huiyuan deal: bring down the Chinese brand of foreign long-term planning three

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Not to a pot according to a logic of saliva, not to an oil it? Results how to - all the Chinese people beheaded foreign M & A pay. In fact, through North-South Tongqinquanyao and shipped to the revitalization of the old drunk cold anti-Soviet Nepal merger, we also conclude that M is only for foreign strangling the beginning of domestic brands, foreign brands in China in the collapse of long-term planning in general have The three tricks. The first resort: Holding joint venture, do losses, owned. First Holdings acquisition of domestic brands, the use of a controlling stake, the domestic enterprises into a processing plant, the domestic low-cost procurement, international high-priced sales, the domestic deficit, foreign flight, and then every year a loss, and then offer to pay with domestic shareholders, the vast In most cases, the brand creator, domestic shareholders choose to give up equity, so the joint venture into a wholly-owned holding company. The second resort: gobbles channels. Holding joint venture, the international channel brands win over the live network resources, network resources, with the original combat effectiveness of the sales force, foreign to their own brand from scratch and successfully occupied channels. The third resort: the domestic brands when the outsider. Holdings after the merger, the domestic brands became outsider, usually located in the lower end of the whole system of international one, and his own original brand positioning in the high end. Thus, promotion efforts, the cost can be justifiably inclined to the end; this way, and enough of domestic brands is gradually fading in the market. Red Star, a small example of nurses is not far. Bee flower sandalwood soap, but also had the old brand, quality, numerous medals today in Shanghai Soap Co., Ltd's website to see the words, "a joint venture in 1995, three months after the Netherlands, soap company decided not to participate in some related The product evaluation activities. "This is a vivid, bloody, people sigh example. As for why there are "not to a pot, not on a saliva," said the brand is not the reason, former Secretary of Statistics Li Deshui has concluded, it is because the principle of transnational corporations "do not ask where, but for all", and we GDP is also guidance, the result is "not to do everything, but to where."