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Do not superstitious foreign brand strategy planning theory 3

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Yang theory incorrectly positioning the product itself as the standard of the brand. Consumers to buy any products, often aimed to meet the special needs of their own, and not the product itself - not the consumers wants fans to purchase their own fans, he needs the room cool in summer feeling - this is a very easy understanding of common sense. Therefore, any product in the consumer's image is often not the simple product so simple, but a demand for solutions, one can meet the demand, the value of offering an advantage. The brand is the concentrated expression of this value. Since the product itself is not the fancy of consumers, then the focus of marketing is bound to consider not the product, while the core of marketing - positioning, and never should be the standard product; If consumers understand the brand more performance and value of the solution, then the standard brand positioning must take it as the core. The brand is the core value of the interests of the brand to provide consumers with the most concentrated, most essential, most personal values, and that everything should be based on the core values of the brand rather than product-centric. In fact, if the positioning of the brand extension contains a space, may be factors to consider: the brand core values, the correlation of old and new products, industry and product characteristics, market size, market environment in which enterprises, enterprise development The purpose of new products, market competition, corporate finance and branding capabilities, and the original product itself is not worth much attention. The number of factors, the brand core values and basic recognition is most important. A successful brand has its unique core values, if the core values and basic recognition tolerant of extended products, they can boldly brand extension. In turn, means: try not to brand extension should be the original core values and brand personality conflict with the principle. Almost all cases of brand extension can be identified from compliance with the laws of the root causes of success or failure. Previous discussion of brand extension is only general references to categories similar to products with a higher correlation (according to the understanding of positioning dogmatists, or even only the same product) may share the same brand. Wahaha and the Nestle brand extension arm of success of the products from the brands are associated with a higher degree of perspective to explain the food and beverage. In fact, are merely associated with high, high correlation means that these different products offer the same kind of problem solving program and meet the different needs of the same class interests and values, resulting in consumers because of the same or similar reasons and purchase approved A brand is the same substance. For example, choose milk, lemon tea, coffee, the brand when they want to give people a "taste good, feel safe and warm" feeling, so with this feeling of Nestle's milk powder, coffee, lemon tea is very popular. Marlboro cigarettes extends from jeans, jeans, cap, belt was a big success. Correlation than the end of many, or even irrelevant to the products share a brand it has also gained unprecedented success, which after all is because the brand core values to accommodate the surface seems a far cry from the series. Dunhill (Dunhill), Dupont (STDupont), Valentino (Valentino) and other luxury goods brands under the command of the products are generally suits, shirts, neckties, T-shirts, shoes, purses, belts, etc., and some even glasses , watches, lighters, pens, cigarettes and other great span, low correlation products, but also share a brand. Because the physical properties of these products, though, a far cry from the original purposes, but can provide a common effect, ie a status symbol, a sign of dignitaries, can people get a high degree of self-esteem and satisfaction. Dupont lighters purchased by those who do not pursue the effectiveness of the ignition, but feel free to bring top brands Shangrong Yao, buy Dupont bags, tie also to the "feel" rather than the pursuit of purses, ties of the original features. The brand's core values of such cultural and symbolic significance, mainly by the emotional benefits and self-expressive form, it can accommodate the physical properties of very different product categories of products, as long as these products can become the carrier of brand culture. Brand core values with tolerance for leaving class products share a distant Examples abound of successful brand. BMW has been able to extend to clothing, because BMW is not only a symbol of the extraordinary system of vehicle technology and processes, also means "cool, elegant, fashion, laid-back, easy" way of life, cars and clothing are the interpretation of the core values of BMW carrier. According to some people to say, the brand became synonymous with a product will be destroyed after the type of brand extension brand image. If Nestle is synonymous with coffee, it should not be extended towards milk and other products. This is only the specific products from this brand association to derive a single point of view, only taking into account the specific product brand and correspondence. Indeed, Nestle is very closely connected with the coffee, consumers think of first mention of Nestle coffee, which is Nestle's brand equity and core values. But Nestle also means "world-class leader in the food industry, warm, friendly", which is the main part of the core values of the brand, can accommodate coffee, milk, ice cream, lemon tea and many other products. Therefore, a series of Nestle food products are widely acceptable to consumers. Can be seen, for the practice of positioning theory, wise companies will be tailored to the situation, mechanically doctrine will only lead to wrong judgments, can never be brought to the corporate brand strategy and effective guidance. Master of Trout's positioning theory, need to develop the vision, the absorption of its inherent dialectical essence.