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Recrudesce of hearsay of mobile phone of old crossover encroach on is digital re

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Hearsay of resurgence of industry of mobile phone of old crossover encroach on
Hopeful and Motolora collaboration turn associated brand mobile telephone
March grandly the hearsay of mobile phone course of study, had new progress again. The reporter learned yesterday, fill Motolora of tycoon of mobile phone of big will allied international, two companies build joint-stock company likely, imprint the mobile phone hopeful that has EZ MOTO double brand is rolled out first half of the year. The message says, allied preparatory job is in by hold terminal branch to spread out grandly.
Both sides expresses publicly " not know the inside story "
To allied hearsay, motolora interior personage expresses " the news that has not cut truly up to now " , royal and relevant personage also expresses not know the inside story, but two companies all deny not clearly this one hearsay. Before this, zhu Gehui of royal news spokesman ever expressed, if enter industry of proceed with machine,also will be less than grandly the look is given priority to and not be to make hardware, the company will insist to produce the advantage that he gets on in content.
Message personage says, this collaboration will adopt Motolora to manufacture mobile phone terminal, it is grandly in the mobile phone the system of embedded EZ CENTER, form that offers download content at the same time. EZ MOTO mobile phone will be mixed at the appointed time the Yi Bao that has grandly, box and sport plane form a whole, form on resource share.
Occupy personage of know the inside story additionally to divulge, royal the specific collaboration item with Motolora, the Beijing that falls by royal banner digital red software uses technical limited company (the following abbreviation " digital red " ) responsible.
Digital red bear the weight of royal new hope
2004 in a series of buying, digital red just buy one of objects grandly, but it is bearing the weight of however the hope that extends market of mobile phone game grandly.
Official data shows, digital red held water 1999, the company of high-tech software technology that is a mobile equipment that devotes oneself to internationalization and development of wireless entertainment software. Up to 2004 first half of the year, digital the product has sold hundreds red software to be mixed toward more than 10 countries area, built much home agent in these areas.
Before buying, digital red have good cooperation with the manufacturer such as Nuojiya, Motolora all the time, the sales revenue of 90% above of company all comes from its international business. In addition, digital red Game-V platform is aimed at market of mobile phone game directly, this also is to make the main reason that buys grandly.
The personage inside course of study is analysed, the collaboration with Motolora will bring new market for grand free game. By 2005, announce in succession grandly " dreamy country " , " hot-blooded legend " and " legend world " permanent and free, these game once extremely red temporarily, once their mobile phone edition is rolled out, certainly will will gain the player's favour, the gain cycle of game will be lengthened again.
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