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Open business in July, the supplier removes supermarket of field Chongqing Xin Y

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Practice only storefront of Huang Ni 塝 faces the supermarket of Shenzhen Xin Yijia of 7 months close. Yesterday, this shop store grows an explanation, it is normal to close to just be done do business adjust, but to opening business afresh time, this chief says: "Have not decide. " limited company of Xin Yijia supermarket is Guangdong saves current bibcock company, there is 79 chains store in the whole nation at present. Just announce in Department of Commerce " before the whole nation interlinks an enterprise 30 strong " in rank 17.
The supplier is removed in succession
Yesterday afternoon, after the reporter receives line person telephone call, hurry to Xin Yijia to be in Chongqing is exclusive an inn, the area of first floor kinds or types of goods that discovers two 300 square metre already absolutely empty, this floor manages acoustics goods and small home appliance originally. The entrance is in one security personnel to tell a reporter: "The field that removes in the morning, first floor was not done later. First floor was not done later..
The reporter just got on the 2 buildings of management food and commodity, depreciate the cry out sound of the sale immediately blow on the face and come. A lot of goods shelves also already by vacaition, supplier Cao Mou is baling clear away all sorts of snacks. Cao manages all sorts of in bags fastfood, offer money for a few supermarkets inside city at the same time, listen to a reporter to ask, forced smile of Cao Yi face: "A week sells inaccessibly go out a few appearance, in part of supermarket of other of business be not a patch on is good! " a few suppliers confirm to the reporter, they already received supermarket announcement, say to sell should do manage adjust, be about to close today decorate, be in early so several days ago, the supplier begins to remove in succession. But outside the supermarket, the reporter did not discover any annunciate that warn customer.

The likelihood turns market of the county that attack an area
Xin Yijia inn grew Chen Chunna to confirm close adjust be related, but have not decide finally because of time, had not announced to the outside so. Old explanation, close to just be managed normally adjust, at the appointed time the supermarket can withhold 2 buildings to sell only (about 8000 square metre) , the commodity of first floor will move 2 buildings to manage entirely. But to opening business afresh time, chen Chenshang is not affirmatory.
Inn of Xin Yijia Chongqing last year on July 30 practice, be in a supermarket with low at that time concentrated Huang Ni 塝 piece the area was lifted dozen fold disturbance, the person is enraged for a time very flourishing, still came out very quickly will going up in September the message that clear temple opens the 2nd store, but after 3 two months, begin to the message says, xin Yijia is managed very demanding, day sale does not cross 449 yuan (allegedly smooth hire wants every months 2289) .
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