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Medicine is sold to the committee member from theory of analyse drug price tall

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The price of Er of ground of fourth cough up of 1 gram hydrochloric acid is 3.8 yuan. The price of medicines and chemical reagents from leave factory in consumer hand more than 100 times more expensive, achieve 68 yuan.

Already received common people to propose talk up to yesterday Japan column more than 200.

University of medicine of traditional Chinese medical science of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Beijing taught Fang Tingyu to pass two meetings on Feburary 27 " 10 + 1 " , encourage common people to give counsel high to solve medical price theory. Yesterday, one claims the netizen that is medical sale delegate sends email to our newspaper, showed drug in detail from leave factory in patient hand, the entire segment of experience. A kind of medicines and chemical reagents passes these link, social status can turn over on a few times very consummate hundredfold. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw this Mr Huang in village of abundant stage Ou Mou (alias) .

Social status of drug of invite public bidding of the forestall outside the hospital turns over hundredfold

The legal person that Mr Huang professes is company of sale of a medicine of Beijing is represented, be engaged in medicine selling the work more than 8 years, pharmaceutical factory of much home of acting whole nation, to hundreds kinds of medicines and chemical reagents " moisture " know sth like the palm of one's hand.

Look in him, doctor collection rake-off, it is a factor with medical price high theory only, not be its fountainhead, medical price strode the first pace that leave factory to begin the process of a snowball from medicines and chemical reagents.

Mr Huang introduces, medicines and chemical reagents leaves factory the examination that wants department of prices of classics place government above all, prices branch basis of pharmaceutical factory declare establish the price, the drug that often has cost of cash of a few wool only turns a few yuan high price into medicine in this one link.

The drug that Mr Huang cited to once had sold is exemple, the bases of this medicine is Er of ground of hydrochloric acid fourth cough up. The price that pharmaceutical factory buys Er of ground of hydrochloric acid fourth cough up is every kilogram 3800 yuan, the inject juice that produces 250 milliliter contains 0.1 grams, namely the Er of ground of hydrochloric acid fourth cough up that every bottles of medicine contains is 0.38 yuan, increase the sodium chloride liquid, expenditure that pack and produces flow, the cost price of every bottles of medicine won't exceed 2.5 yuan, and the value that actually pharmaceutical factory declares to prices branch is every bottle 68 yuan.

And local prices bureau issued in November 2001 " about dropping hydrochloric acid man sodium chloride of Er of cough up ground injects fluid the announcement of sale price " agree with 68 yuan to be this drug price every bottles. Mr Huang says, this is the price that common people buys. Of some city " medicines and chemical reagents of insurance of primary medical treatment puts on record the name that reach other declares a watch " confirm the view of Mr Huang, declare souvenir to copy this drug " execute retail prices now " be 68 yuan. In the catalog of medicines and chemical reagents that acts as agent in Mr Huang, the reporter sees a lot of medicines and chemical reagents are in for commodity price 8 - 10 yuan, and retail price is achieved 50 multivariate get on 100 yuan even.
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