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Ke Meiming retreats city schedule to join in inn still does not have compensatio

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The service hands over vacuum

  letter signs up for dispatch (reporter He Wenhua) yesterday, kenikamei can amount to Gang Fei of ground of palace of president of video company limited to go to Beijing, the reason that explains to media Ke Mei exits video market and " deal with problems arising from an accident " problem. But meet meeting not refer is right the merchant of Ke Meicai enlarge in Chinese market does He An to discharge.

 Gong Degang says, ke Mei the last few years is thinking how to reduce the deficit of video business all the time, ke Mei is engaged in the branch of video business compressing 36 of 2005 from 53 of 2003, through recombining, the employee of video business also reduced 4000 much people from 8000 people. After exiting, ke Mei concentrates professional work Yu Fei consume kind of business.

 Gong Degang still gave out to make clear " retreat city " schedule: Ke Mei will exit market of small-sized colour enlarge in March this year, after March 2007 grading exits film and printing paper market, quited this trade stage by stage in September 2007.

In the respect after carry out, equipment of small-sized colour enlarge is handed in by Nuorishi the company is in charge of, the asset of camera made over Suo Ni company this year in March, the after service of Ke Meixiang machine also will give Suo Ni will do.

 but at present about the service have sex appeared vacuum region. The reporter dialed the 800 clients hotline on website of government of China of beauty stalking or branch repeatedly yesterday, but two number are dialed hard.

 reporter understands, bencikemei retreats the Chinese employee that city affects to have many 100, the part is papered cutter, received corresponding compensation, still one part is gone to by arrangement below Ke Meiqi other company.

  about developing enlarge parlor section, gong Degang discloses, china has the colour enlarge facility of 1780 Ke Mei. As we have learned, these equipment value 600 thousand reach 800 thousand yuan. After beauty stalking or branch announces to retreat city, beijing and other places appeared to join in business comes to condemn the incident of the view to Ke Mei. To this, the reporter interviewed Ke Meiyuan last night tall canal, Mr Pei Yuanhu that moves Tokyo to be in charge of Ke Meihuan keeping business now. He expresses, henceforth, the liquid medicine that place of machine of Ke Meicai enlarge needs will be continued to produce by other manufacturer, the liquid medicine of new brand won't have any loss to equipment. And the free service that provides as to beauty of a few the You Ke before this, look now, be afraid hand in after be in charge of maintaining by other company, offer again freely very hard. Ke Mei is right the compensation program that joins in neither one consolidates store, but state the meeting is specific talk things over with the user, get the understanding of the user.

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