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Inside of money of collect of supplier supermarket exposing to the sun relies on

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Inside of money of collect of supplier supermarket exposing to the sun
Supermarket to supplier collection " cost entering the arena " wait for a variety of charge, belong to " international convention " , or " exorbitant taxes and levies " ? 25 days, 4 supplier delegates that can't bear heavy burden mirror a supermarket to the reporter " group fund " inside.

Before this, they already saved partial National People's Congress to represent reflective case to Guangdong, 11 delegate such as Chen Ya sweat offers relevant proposal jointly in session of province National People's Congress, the hope exposes the issue that give to undertake legislation supervise to the supermarket about the respect.
Sundry charges of all the year round is continual
"Came again! " one paper comes from some supermarket collect fees advice note, make supplier Ms. Xu have a headache unceasingly.
Ms. Xu is wine kind supplier, a year ago, she is removed from supermarket of × of easy × × wore. She says incidental expenses of all the year round is perpetual, the business does not have a law to be done really. And the incidental expenses that supplies some Mr Huang of famous boiled dumpling to because cannot be assumed,also be weighed again more again and supermarket of × of evacuate good × .
Mirror according to suppliers, almost all supermarket to supplier collection multinomial incidental expenses, although each supermarket collects fees the forehead is differ, but average supermarket opens business in new store or anniversary is celebrated etc to every supplier collection 1000 yuan of above. A supplier calculated brushstroke Zhang: Press every kinds of commodity 100 yuan plan, 100 yuan of × 15 (branch) × 20 thousand (breed) = 30 million yuan. Spend a red-letter day, the supermarket can encircle money to count 10 thousand yuan thousand.
The most breathtaking still be cost entering the arena
What have controversy more is " cost entering the arena " . When the supplier old Mr Chen says, travel wife knows, the supermarket has " guild regulations " : The supplier gives a supermarket the sale for goods, want to pay the fee entering the arena with breathtaking brushstroke first. If good × × enters the arena,cost wants 50 thousand yuan at least. The sea product that Mr Chen supplies, the supermarket ever drove a 100 thousand yuan cost entering the arena, the supermarket looks later in this product it is green food, market on good cent, reduce cost entering the arena, but still be as high as 70 thousand yuan.
Mr Chen says, the supermarket gains ground more and more, the competition between the product is more and more intense also. To live, want fee of capture high specified number entering the arena, supermarket and supplier are formed " Zhou Yu hits Huang Gai " situation. Mr Chen calculated pen Zhang for average supermarket: If every commodity supplier is pressed 50 thousand to 100 thousand yuan cost entering the arena is calculated, every supermarket presses 1000 suppliers computation, only cost entering the arena evens more 100 million yuan! This is an astonishing number.
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