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The United States buys treasure mad and tycoon of Chinese supermarket Hunan is s

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Day, the United States bought treasure to buy much supermarket of Hunan home embellish with 150 million yuan the equity of 80% , become investor of this supermarket strategy, this one message is in Hunan is wide to circulate, classics " Chinese economy weekly " the reporter is interviewed, already made to this confirm. The United States buys treasure is group of trade of American large chain, accelerating those who carry out retail to the place supermarket to buy integrated strategy in China at present. Friendly A group is the holding company with a much benefit, element has friendly A " patristic " the mustache that say is respected, to friendly A group change manufacture with facility, and right now however avouch " the specialty that becoming a supermarket is not him " , "Go meaning " already definitely...  
After the Spring Festival passed 2006, first " Hunan home embellish interlinks supermarket limited company more (next weighing ' domestic embellish much supermarket ' ) already by foreign capital annex " the message is on 3 Hunan earth circulate.
And two years ago, so-called " company of business of the first joint-stock share-holding system of countrywide " -- Inc. of much trade of Hunan home embellish (next weighing " domestic profit much share " ) the purpose is passed " borrow housing to appear on the market " become Hunan Province first H the message ever was fried bubbling with noisely by the outside. As much supermarket of subsidiary home embellish sell, whether does the dream that domestic profit much share appears on the market go aground subsequently?
What in the bookshops indissolubles likewise is, hunan is the biggest in November 2005 Inc. of Apollo of commercial group friendship (next weighing " friendly A group " ) " with great quantity " ground annex factory of Changsha machine tool, grow from lathe work of a platelet be the commercial group strike with the palm of the hand with the oldest Hunan door person -- company president, so-called " do not become dealer without moustache " is mustache respected whether to borrow this " fade " retail trade?
The United States buys treasure Changsha " buy battle "
2006 at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year 6, inn of rising sun of much supermarket of embellish of home of the Changsha City huge crowd of people, each passageway exported a platoon to remove long dragon.
"Last year the twelfth month of the lunar year 28 days, the sale of my inn is 7.38 million yuan, achieved that day the whole nation of supermarket unit area the first! " Mr Liu Yuanhao that responsible company sale engineers to " Chinese economy weekly " introduce.
The data shows, from 2000 start business of store of much rising sun of embellish of home of supermarket of the first large life comes to Hunan, at present the company already owned supermarket of 17 lives supermarket, 6 home appliance and supermarket of a building materials in all in and other places of Changsha, Yue Yang.
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