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Doubt precious the sound of abstruse nucleic acid rings once more old debts is b

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Head obtain inside endowment the enterprise sells license plate half moon to punish sensitive industry namely continuously sensitive period suffers the public to fix eyes upon fully
The first is obtained inside endowment the Dalian precious that the enterprise sells license plate continuously abstruse group, be apart is less than half month, what became the first to be punished by Department of Commerce again recently is straight sell a business.
Because use,sell continuously " license " the behavior such as high-key on a few media hype is informed against with all possible means, zhenaoji is round be instructed to undertake rectifying and reform by Department of Commerce, what be sold continuously by time-out is relevant check, put on record program. This matter unfinished, recently, " southern on the weekend " wait for media to turn over a precious once more again the old debts of abstruse core product, jie Bizhen abstruse nucleic acid " ostentatious bunco " .
Sensitive industry is in sensitive period, no matter be governmental management department, still obtain card and explain card business, can suffer the examine vision with the public, more sharp public opinion.
Why is Zhenaoyin punished
From September 2005 " sell regulation continuously " since promulgating, governmental management department published many relevant provisions ceaselessly in succession, to violating compasses person punishment already also was refined, be like, deceit, misdirect is publicized and promote, highest 300 thousand yuan of amerce, serious revoke licence, the member that sell continuously is highest 50 thousand yuan fine and cancel qualification; Do not return money to consumer by the regulation, highest 300 thousand yuan of amerce, etc. Nowadays, the gainer precious of the 2nd batch of license plate abstruse had been not allowed to begin sell continuously, already brought about punishment.
Abstruse fault is in precious " before website of government of Department of Commerce releases approval information formally, do sth without authorization was announced on its company website ' sell business certificate continuously ' video, fair development cloth approves information " ; Return a fault to be in " through media interview, the management license that sells partial goods continuously to this company application, boast is in charge of a branch to come to an enterprise for years to its for the government greatly product and the comprehensive affirmation of management means " . In governmental website fair before showing, zhenaoji is round president Chen Yusong already chatting room of finance and economics of sina of be a guest. It is reported, having bright eye " a few enterprises and consumer " , precious abstruse these doings are complained to relevant section.
Controller of Department of Commerce points out, department of Commerce sells application continuously in approval enterprise when, specific requirement does not get the act that has any disloyal conduct propaganda and misdirect customer to the public about the enterprise, in approve of branch of provincial commerce director its serve a site and must not begin before Department of Commerce puts on record sell an activity continuously, also must not sell continuously in Department of Commerce before the management information system is announced recruit personnel, the territory that sells a business continuously has strict regulation more, do not get without approval " promotion " .
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