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Homebred mobile phone is brilliant difficult again 4 million research and develo

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They nib the head takes license plate, but the half the number after taking license plate nots throw the troops into battle however

"Had you heard color television, freezer has paste card and black product? " enlighten the letter knows rhetorical question of a high level, "This shows, should unlock mobile phone industry in the round, let the market fall into disuse. Let the market fall into disuse..

"Vicissitude of the market is too sharp, we not dare rushed rush. " on August 8, zhang Jian of high level of a manufacturer of homebred mobile phone (alias) one face is helpless.

This year 23 month, the company that Zhang Jian is in eventually from hair change appoint took a mobile phone to produce sale approve to permit, this is Zhang Jian enters mobile phone industry 7 years to come most the thing that long for day and night. In the quite long time before this, zhang Jian can be relied on only all the time " stick a card " dozens kind is small small be troubled by. "The risk that stick a card is too big. " Zhang Jian says.

However, zhang Jian in those days bold and inhibited in cool slowly. Half an year went, the Jiangsu that he is being saved originally only and draws near, Anhui tried sexual ground to throw 3 mobile phones, sales volume still is less than 50 thousand in all.

Apply for the secret of license plate

"Do home appliance to sell at that time already more and more do not make money. " 2000, the Zhang Jian that ever was agency of TCL color television decides to change sell a mobile phone.

Because capital actual strength is not very abundant, at the beginning, zhang Jian the provincial agent that can wait for a brand from Nuojiya only the replenish onr's stock in the hand. Zhang Jian discovers, a few popular model of Nuojiya, want to be able to be taken only arrive can sell very quickly go out, gain profit quite considerable. After this, zhang Jian still was taken for a time enlighten the qualification of provincial agent for exclusive sale of a few homebred mobile phones such as bit.

But Zhang Jian realizes very quickly again, rise abruptly 2002 slowly as numerous and homebred mobile phone, market competition is intense with each passing day, as the agent of the mobile phone, oneself master oneself destiny very hard. "Stick a card to begin popularity to rise at that time. " 2002 second half of the year, zhang Jian begins to hold the license plate of general in the palm through sticking, the mobile phone that built oneself produces a plant.

"2003, our sale accomplished nearly 200 million yuan. " Zhang Jian tells a reporter. Nevertheless, because do not have license plate, the company that Zhang Jian is in can survive in gray region only all the time.

"Begin from 2004 second half of the year, the chance sticking a card that asks general in the market large-scale flush. " recall according to Zhang Hui, at the beginning of 2005, the country is industrial and commercial the problem sticking a card that the branch such as total bureau begins investigation to ask general, a lot of mobile phones that sell field and retailing shop to begin to forbid to ask general enter the arena. "Tens of thousands of money was controlled on the hand at that time, be forced to depreciate to sell villages and towns the market these mobile phones greatly later. " Zhang Jian says, this incident let him feel stick a card this road also won'ted do.
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