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China is the biggest stockjobber south negotiable securities goes bankrupt forma

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Serious endowment not pay a debt in kind or by labour amounts to twelve billion one hundred and seventy-seven million yuan, be ruled to go bankrupt by Shenzhen court
Negotiable securities of south of report from our correspondent went bankrupt, after although the government before this is in,discovering capital black hole infuse 8 billion gigantic endowment, return force to invite industry man of the time to come on the stage, after all previous struggles via round, still wind a day feebly, once " negotiable securities big alligator " dim in hearsay respond to a curtain call. Shenzhen quadrangle proclaims yesterday: Because of endowment not pay a debt in kind or by labour more than yuan 12.1 billion, southern negotiable securities goes bankrupt repay a debt. This is afterwards roc negotiable securities after folding a wing, the 2nd trend goes bankrupt the Shenzhen certificate trade that clears an order, also be up to now China's biggest stockjobber goes bankrupt case.
Once industry old in order to go bankrupt respond to a curtain call
Erupted 2001 from its in fact the crisis begins, the large certificate business that industry topples with respect to hearsay the next is southern negotiable securities likely very. Later, administrative layer begins pair of southern negotiable securities " undergo surgery " , hope its return is healthy, 2002, shenzhen municipal government returns force to invite Han Zhidong of industry man of the time to wait take up the post of its president, with period mud sufficient deep-set southern negotiable securities pulls out lair.
After a year, han Zhidong abdication is less than a month, card inspect is met and announcement of combination of Shenzhen municipal government says, because break the law,violate compasses manage, management is confused, southern on January 2, 2004 negotiable securities is take-overed by administration. Although classics Central Bank passes the means that borrows money again to be its blood transfusion, let its manager business be able to run normally, but " deficit is too large " , divert client reserve is as high as 8 billion yuan, and self-supporting business also deficit of a huge sum, after this, the Central Bank was offerred 8 billion borrow money again, of the individual earnest money that in order to offsets divert of southern negotiable securities " capital black hole " .
Last year on April 29, southern negotiable securities is announced to shut. Although come out for many times,recombine a message, but eventually not if really. Want almost in people will this once when the biggest certificate business forgets, it walked up to go bankrupt program, completed final respond to a curtain call with bankrupt means yesterday.
Indebted be as high as 22.8 billion yuan
The court says when ruling its go bankrupt yesterday, what issue a report to show according to accountant office, up to last year on December 31, total of capital of 74 business orgnaizations of the property assets of southern negotiable securities and whole nation, include its share the total of capital of market prise sum at that time is ten billion six hundred and thirty-one million yuan, and its are indebted amount is twenty-two billion eight hundred and eight million yuan, endowment not amount of pay a debt in kind or by labour is twelve billion one hundred and seventy-seven million yuan, indebted rate is as high as asset 214.55 % .
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