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French SEB drafts 2.37 billion buy Su Bo Er 61% share

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Investment of foreign investor strategy appears on the market the company enters normal state gradually. Er of Su Bo of manufacturer of kitchen home appliance (002032) announcement expressed last night, wholy-owned subsidiary will cost SEB of manufacturer of French home appliance 2.372 billion yuan of RMBs, buy Su Bo Er 61% share. If succeed, this investment will be at present investment of foreign investor strategy appears on the market the brushstroke with company the biggest cost invests.

Last year on December 31, superintendency layer was released " foreign investor to appearing on the market company strategy investment runs way " . This year March, g Hua Xin in G in the company put forward first times, through directional add hair A means introduces investor of foreign capital strategy and achieve charge a position.

At the Su Bo of the card stopping since this week Er issued resolution of board of directors last night, plan to introduce the strategic investor, SEB international Inc. that comes from France (SEBINTERNATIONALES.A.S. , SEB) of the following abbreviation. SEB fastens SEB Inc. (SEBS.A. ) a wholy-owned subsidiary, SEB Inc. is one trades in Parisian negotiable securities the market appears on the market, the international group that enjoys high reputation in electric equipment and domain of cooking utensils business.

The strategy that according to Su Bo Er and SEB sign invests an agreement, SEB will make over share, subscribe through the agreement new a kind that should restrict with the part, buy Su Bo Er finally at most the share of 61% accuses equity with achieving. For this, SEB will employ capital 2.372 billion yuan of RMBs.

According to plan, SEB will buy group of Su Bo Er and individual to close to hold some Su Bo Er in all 25.32 million share (be equivalent to a company having total capital stock 14.38% ) ; Su Bo Er again to SEB directional add hair 40 million new an A; After passing afore-mentioned two plan, SEB exceeds hold company total capital stock the share of 30% , according to negotiable securities law and relevant code, SEB reissue wants to make an appointment with partly, in order to buy sixty-six million four hundred and fifty-two thousand share of company (after occupying strategic investment to finish of total capital stock 30.76% ) .

Announcement says, 3 afore-mentioned share price prices that involve partly all are 18 yuan / . 5 harden receive Su Bo Er at last week 16.34 yuan, already achieved since appearing on the market new tall. According to computation of closing quotation price, should buy the price to be equivalent to again excessive price 10% .

After the course realizes 3 afore-mentioned component, SEB does not exceed hold 131.7 million share, occupy a company to pass about directional issue new 61% of a dilute hind total capital stock, accuse a Su Bo Er thereby.

Su Bo Er expresses, introduce SEB, undertake the cession of many OEM contract to the company through SEB, the technology that combines SEB to carry out is made over and the technology cooperates, and the international that opens SEB through the product that makes to our company sells a network, make our company progress use electric equipment and domain of cooking utensils management business to be on the group company of lead position in the kitchen thereby. (Sun Liyun of Oriental morning paper)
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