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Investigation shows: The foreign trader is familiar with Chinese enterprise very

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An investigation that Chinese brand academy completed a few days ago shows, the foreign trader is familiar with the name of Chinese enterprise more, brand of China of and rather than. The foreign trader spends outclass to the acknowledge of Chinese own brand to the acknowledge of Chinese enterprise.

Those who accept investigation is wide to seeming 2629 to had attended reach the foreign trader of the meeting, come from the 40 many countries such as France, England, Germany, United States and area respectively. The Chinese brand that requirement foreign trader speaks questionnaire to ever had had business dealings with oneself, brand that likes Chinese which area most and the Chinese brand name that be familiar with and like.

Zheng Xueqin says the researcher of Chinese brand academy that manages this investigation job, investigate discovery, when most foreign trader is answering these queries, those who speak often not be Chinese brand name, however Chinese company name. The reason is most China enterprise begins the production that stick a card to serve for the foreign trader, capacity of own brand export is not outstanding. Classics statistic, the foreign trader that accepts investigation spoke name of 3104 China company in all, but these enterprises have 143 only with what own brand exports (occupy 4.6 % only) .

In addition, in the Chinese brand that likes most in the foreign trader, the rate getting a bill of single brand is general not tall. Only the vote of 3 brands exceeds 100 pieces, they are a platoon respectively advanced 3 Ge Lanshi, elegant Geer and Anxi a variety of oolong tea, the platoon is in the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site of the 10th is beautiful respectively, Er of ambitious, sea, beautiful elegant, long rainbow, new division and TCL.

Zheng Xueqin says, although stick plate production to already became domestic company,a kind of form with highest probability succeeds in overseas market dilate, but Chinese enterprise can earn scanty treatment fee only in the process that stick a card. Additional, the production that stick a card often measures the trade barrier that encounters abroad big and easily because of machining exit.

Additional, investigate discovery, fujian enterprise has stronger brand consciousness, in include the field such as headgear, pottery and porcelain, dress, Electromechanical, produce, the proportion that exports with own brand presents clear ascendant trend. (Xinhua News Agency)

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