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Chongqing grand Xin builds Che Meng undone and time-consuming invest 1 billion d

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After afterwards Ao Kesi, wave guide, 10 thousand abundant, another dilettante midway of the person that build a car ended to build Che Meng. The reporter changed in national hair yesterday appoint company of production of the 120th batch of car and product announcement are pleasant to the eye, national hair changes appoint already agreed to make car of Chengdu grand Xin limited company more the name is limited company of car of the fine horse austral Sichuan, this is meant, 3 years investment amounts to Chongqing grand Xin 1 billion yuan, march truckload the fond dream of manufacturing industry already proclaimed undone.
The Long Xin that held water 1996 controls a limited company is Chongqing is crossed district, large-scale, specialization of the hot motivation product that is engaged in engine of autocycle, autocycle and close correlation large group of civilian battalion industry, close with Zong Shen and force sail call 3 big rub side.
2000, long Xin takes the lead in entering automobile industry, recombine plant of car of deer of former Chengdu hill to enter a passenger car to create a field through annex, main production, sale is of all kinds passenger car, special assemble a car. According to at that time public statement of Long Xin, long Xin plans to invest 1 billion yuan in the scroll inside 3 years, use at developing manufacturing passenger car.
However, march in Chongqing force sail after car line of business is successful, long Xin marchs the voice of car line of business is younger and younger however. A few days ago, national hair changes appoint the company of production of the 120th batch of car that announce and product announcement make of the outside guess the whole thing comes to light. Announcement exposure, production company of car of Chengdu grand Xin already more the name is limited company of car of the fine horse austral Sichuan, brand turns into subsequently " Na Jun card " .
As we have learned, receive dish person car of the fine horse austral Sichuan is car of the fine horse austral city of endowment this world of finite liability company control share company, car of the fine horse austral city of endowment this world advocate Ying Najun card each model carry cargo car, produce already can amount to 50 thousand, the quantity of produce and sale last year is twenty-five thousand three hundred, rank industry of truck of countrywide low speed the 3rd. The reporter saw from the website of this company yesterday, in the program that the program that the fine horse austral Sichuan produces per year 2000 passenger cars had included this the company.
Yesterday, of office of grand Xin group plan the young lady affirmed this matter to the reporter, say De Longxin quited car job formally last year, but she discloses Long Xin with refusing for know the inside story with why be being planted means makes over car production company Na Jun.
Nevertheless, the reporter understands, for round car manufacturing industry one dream, long Xin may cost ten million yuan above, purchase 3 deer among them the equity of 15% opens up finally endowment 4.5 million yuan. The analysis inside course of study, the yield of car industry can be superfluous the admittance doorsill that drafts line of business of drive up car with the country is Long Xin but the main reason that exits a passenger car to make.
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