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How does beer brand produce sale power

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The company that can say 80% above in China at present is emphasizing the importance of the brand, everybody is spent to do a brand to not hesitate gigantic endowment star please Dai Yan, ask a name to guide film the advertisement of beautiful Lun Meihuan piece, the mark king as to contest mark CCTV is more common thing, think even between a lot of enterprises advertisement of brand = a huge sum. The enterprise makes a brand admittedly right, but whether should we consider a few the most essential things, ask a few the most fundamental questions: Why should I make a brand? Do a brand what to profit have to the enterprise? Is the brand process or result after all? Why does the brand serve?

Come from commercial cost actually say, making a brand is very a thing of costly, if enterprise can need not do a brand to very good sale outstanding achievement need not make a brand completely, making a brand is competitive result completely, because the product is more and more coessential,change, only the brand became final identifying, the enterprise is no matter most what make a brand first still is to be forced of follow-up, should say this is not ideal outcome. But the enterprise is in model a brand while, must distinguish the relation of process and result, the brand is a process only, profit just is a result. The product that the ultimate goal no more than that makes a brand is you and competitor do not have the product of the brand to be able to win additional costly case quite, this namely the value place of the brand, the brand still is sale and profit service finally.

The index that measures brand value at present is very much, for instance famous degree, acknowledge is spent, the brand associates etc, all sorts of business organizations also are in evaluate value of so called brand and consumer most the rank activity that the brand that like waits a moment, but these are to be in regard a brand with respect to the brand, the most crucial factor of the real value that the author thinks to be able to measure a brand is whether the brand produces sale power, the brand that can bring a sale only just is valuable. So is brand sale force how to judge make allowance for how does ability increase a brand to sell force index?

Will tell with respect to beer industry, the brand sells force structural frame to form by 6 relevant elements: Sex of price material benefit, channel advantage sex, buy otherness of autonomy, product, be fond of free sex, identify clear sex. Among them sex of price material benefit, channel advantage sex belongs to nature to sell force category; Be fond of is free gender, identify clear sex to belong to a brand to sell force category; Buy otherness of autonomy, product both the feature that holds nature concurrently to sell force and brand to sell power.
(if graph brand sells force structural frame)

The brand sells force structural frame

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