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Service brand is carried out (one) product development

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Through many market analysis, the program finished a brand to locate (include target group, offer value / image of the price, brand, competitor, appeal to beg a theme to wait) , enter a brand to carry out level, also enter the specific executive phase that the brand serves.
Brand of service line of business carries out should pass 3 level commonly:
Product development: Serve the development of content, the circuitry of the dish type that is like cafeteria, travel; Crucial technology, be like surgical operation; Serve standard set, if answer time, environment to wait;
Operation system: Fulfill the in-house operation system of the service, include standard of flow, process, tool, environment, equipment, post, personnel to wait, and function support is like financial, administration, manpower to wait;
The brand travels: The VI of the service is carried out, advertisement, promotion, channel, sale.

The brand carries out exercise to plan give a demonstration
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Product development
Operation system
Sale travels
Note: Build a brand or rebuild when the brand, executive phase cannot be affected what have business already is normal move

Compared with consumable or industrial finished products, the product development that serves industry wants to be gotten gently in the deal in the enterprise much, consume kind of service especially, majority enterprise did not develop a branch. Of course, unlike treatment manufacturing industry product can be protected by the patent of certain level, product of service line of business is imitated very easily, also need to consider the investment of development and earnings.
But innovation serves or can have market of race to control first machine the likelihood that enlarges the business, and, unlike the development that machines manufacturing industry need throws much basic research, manpower and financial capacity. Serving innovation is the deepness experience and observe that is based on pair of customer demand and the adroitness to serving operation master, and a kind of when build new service content or flow, do not need to throw many natural resources to have a test.
Through the service innovation can produce new industry. More service innovation are those who be based on pair of existing service business is improved.

Product development
Concoctive personnel cooperates with operation personnel, according to product idea, union development of real operation circumstance serves a product:
Service product develops archives
Plan 1 plan 2. . .
Service purpose object, purpose, solve a problem to wait. . .
Of the managing, risk of the managing, charge that creates value rise in value, time reduce etc. . .
Service content input, process, link, achievement. . .
Crucial technology knowledge, skill, tool, equipment. . .
Service standard answers time, quality, amount, effect to wait. . .
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