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Estate sale locates - fixed position object

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Production is average product and build estate different, "Cake " production is much, decide the price and original profit formerly to assure cake, manufacturing business can pour the cake of over market demand, let the market always be in blame saturation condition. And estate is different, in its have not " be pregnant " when, be about to consider this " life style " can be born, the real-estate project fixed position that wants development namely is appropriate.

Lack exact location, in remaining company of native land estate to compete in the market up to now " bottleneck " , it is the problem that estate is built and highlights in the sale. For example, the name uses × × fine garden more too, garden of × × beautiful, × × garden, × × a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the garden is waited a moment, estate product lacks individual character colour, blindly perhaps will oneself the advantage regards as fixed position. According to expert observation, real-estate industry building dish fail, 10 have 6, 7 it is to locate the object forbids, cause fixed position improper.

How to undertake accurate object locates?

One, the target points to fixed position

Estate market target can have fixed position from many respects. With respect to estate market character, besides the region market of extremely specific area, most estate still attributes buyer's market. Be opposite namely the consumer of estate product, manage the advantage place that choosing forever.

The ability that develops him business always is finite. The metropolis such as capital, management, technology, purchasing power affects the target of estate market to locate. Before developing estate, must want to have a clear knowledge: Tall, medium, low the market of 3 class, not be your development business can whole sweep the deck comes down. Even if because the diverse demand of consumer produces a difference with the preference to influence the target market with personalized demand,the target market of same class also is met.

1, if locate from estate theme, we can divide the market target of estate wait a moment for healthy residence, innovation residence, zoology residence, home house, garden residence, intelligence residence, sports residence, culture residence, history residence.

(1) fixed position of healthy residence theme

People compares abundant circumstance to fall in corporeal life, the psychological motive of the way of life that can have health of a kind of pursuit and high grade work environment. Development gives priority to the estate that inscribes fixed position with health, aim to arouse people heart to be opposite tall the pursuit desire that savors the life, advocate a kind of brand-new lifestyle and humanitarian experience.

About expert general " healthy residence " the definition is: On the foundation that asks basically curtilage in accord with chummage, highlight healthy essential factor, with the mankind living should be healthy, can develop continuously for the concept, satisfy the requirement with habitant physiology, psychology and mutiple level society, build one part for habitant healthy, safe, comfortable the high quality residence with environmental protection and community. That is to say, healthy residence should be to be able to make habitant is on the body, on spirit, the residence that is in good position completely socially. OK and contented curtilage inside mix the living environment of the area the requirement of two respects. Can include as associated as living photograph physics value of a quantity not only, such as temperature, humidity, ventilated take a breath, noise, light and air quality, and the psychological element cost that still includes subjective sex: Planar space is decorated, landscape of illicit close protection, eye shot, organic colour, material chooses to wait.
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