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Transmit culture of brand of 8 happy event to promote spirit of brand of 8 happy

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In recent years, brand of 8 happy event is mixed in quality with its distinctive and deep culture connotation, high grade inside and outside high-tech content, the outstanding distinguishing feature that makes a Chinese style cigarette -- " one tall two low " : Gao Xiang is angry, low tar, low harm. Especially its distinctive and deep culture connotation, already made Chinese style cigarette " culture brand " typical delegate, got broad cigarette operator, customer approbate and favor, growth rate is unusually swift and violent. Reached 163 thousand case namely 2003, this year 1, already sold 194 thousand case September, grow 78.25% compared to the same period, sales volume and amplitude continue to save focal point of 7 renown actor in Shandong the first rank in the brand. The tar that develops nearly two years measures 9 milligram / 8 happy event mix the honoured guest that pay 8 milligram / the high-quality goods that raise 8 happy event, already formed positive force and bow wave in the market, development perspective is very wide. Good brand competition actual strength and brand expand latent capacity, by national tobacco monopolistic bureau includes countrywide tobacco to industry stress develops and give aid to " 100 brands " one of. In nicotian industry of intense competition today, can obtain the outstanding achievement of such arrogant person, of policymaker of profit from enterprise's accurate brand strategy and right brand strategy and strategic strategy carry out effectively, especially of brand culture strategy carry out and carry out.

One, the key that brand culture is cigarette brand success

Brand culture is the key with cigarette successful brand. Aught is existing to basically contradict with secondary, have contradictory main field and less important side, find out main contradiction and contradictory main field only, ability captures the key of the problem and core, problem can be readily solved. We say " the minority of 20% decides the majority of 80% " the common view that is this one concept. The element with successful brand has a lot of, wait like quality, service, function, technology, cost, culture, a among them or to the product the success is having crucial effect a few, it is crucial minority. If the specifications of computer is crucial, and otherness of the quality of different brand computer, cost is not big, it is relatively less important consequently; Regard medicine as the product, curative effect is crucial, and stand or fall of price discretion, service is opposite secondary. The secondary that says here is not not important, if off quality performance is again good,also do not have the market. Cigarette is hobby sex product, with respect to demand of this one consumption character, all cigarette products contain nicotine, can satisfy the physiology requirement of people, satisfying otherness of side of consumer physiology demand not quite. To high-grade cigarette, the aroma of different trademark cigarette, aftertaste, excitant wait for organic function also very close, why consumer say turkey to one and bazzard to another. Because consumer has physiology demand already to cigarette product,this is, have very strong psychology demand again, different cigarette brand gives the spirit with different consumer cheerful sense, "China " give a person the sense with influential officials, "Road of 10 thousand treasure " cowboy image gives a person with " power violent man " feeling, "Crane dance white sand, my heart flies " can satisfy Confucianism the psychology of elegant student is waited a moment. So to high-grade cigarette, because of its difference of organic function index is not big and it is very not important to appear, contrary, its are different the psychological requirement that the brand culture connotation of the meaning satisfied customer and the crucial factor that becomes cigarette brand success. Brand connotation can cause the resonance of consumer, the brand supports with respect to what get customer and support, with respect to the loyalty that can get customer. If brand connotation is empty drab, introduce the interest of consumer very hard. The crucial essential factor of brand of different class cigarette is different, function of the quality of cheap cigarette brand, sense organ and culture connotation are very not important, and the price is cheap cigarette brand gains customer the key of fragrant heart, the price is lower get consumer reception more.
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