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The linchpin that company brand culture builds is in (one)

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Compose builds integral company culture, construction of company brand culture is among them main component. And build in compose of company brand culture in, quality management, transmission management, innovation management appears very crucial.

Quality management -- the advantage brand that the character of constant goes after ability to have constant

People often says, time can study test company, think carefully such really.

That is a lot of years former thing, once I go up in the road that goes to work in the morning, see mansion of a large trade organizes file exhibition, visitting that orderly team, listening to that canorous singing, feel the management of business mansion is worth commend really. But did not pass how long, the staff that joins advancing performance begins to become rambling rise, the team also is absent this business mansion is orderly, more and more stagnant also later...

Culture is a process that accumulates stage by stage. The promotion of brand culture, need the character pursuit of constant, and the character pursuit of constant, have again ask with the formulary sex of the quantity character. Qualitative requirement is the product quality with brand top-ranking backside. One abortion tastes quality, must be the concept with top-ranking quality of whole of a product, including product function line -- formal line -- service line -- the organic combination of the element such as culture line and effective and outspread; The compasses of the quantity is qualitative, the high stability that maintains demand of standard of gender, quality for a long time what emphasized the quality that has on time length asking the endurance of the concept, character manages a mechanism effectively.

Can say, look from the formulary sex of the quantity, the brand is character founding, and character is to rely on time trial to come out. This is the process of a water constantly dripping wears holes in stone, this is an accumulate over a long period, year answer process of a year, this is one soaks the process of wisdom of the person that count era and painstaking effort. In loving to establish a letter 126 years when develop in its, establish a letter in order to love with " , what send far " in order to believe to be company viewpoint of value is essential, rely on the character pursuit of constant, brought up world top-ranking brand. 1669 (Qing Kangxi 8 years) Le Xianyang establishs room of colleague hall medicine. 300 come for years, colleague hall along " although,savour expensive do not change surely decrease material resources, although n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine is numerous do not change a province surely artificial " ancestor example, the product quality of the high quality that forms trial of time of a withstand runs a line. Had this safeguard that runs a line just about, just ensured colleague hall brand of this one intangible assets maintain value and rise in value, its develop the ability on the history to be able to for years all the growth rate of 20% above, ability can have amount of many yuan of 50 property, sale of 40 much the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, the company appears on the market outside having churchyard, place, global many 347 branch (branch) , wait for the occurrence of a series of company outstanding achievement.
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