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The glamour of brand culture

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Face the market with intense competition, a company must seek the specific means that can make its product produces poor alienation hard, in order to gain competitive advantage. ---Philip. Division spy is strapped

Traditional economics theory points out: When consumer is undertaking consumptive, general meeting gets simple equivalence idea (namely of the price and product equipollent) influence, the character of the product and value decided consumer offset cost is tasted accept or reject. However, in the product coessential change rate taller and taller today, this kind of simple equivalence idea is being come from real challenge! Consumer falls in the situation with same purchasing power, they are accorded with on the market the product of standard of this kind of traditional equivalence often more than a kind, traditional consumptive idea makes consumer was immersed in a kind to accept or reject the condition of be in a dilemma.  

So of the choice that how makes them is consumer? We discover, besides the self-identity that goes up to product quality and value, a kind of force is affecting the choice of consumer, this is the action of brand culture. Once brand culture and the culture that consumer heart agrees with and viewpoint of value produce resonance, this kind of power appears very formidable. Because it is besides the service, brand place gifts the another additional cost of the product. Be this kind of aeriform additional cost affected consumer to be opposite coessential the choice that influences a product!  

The brand is the strong step that the market competes, but also be phenomenon of a kind of culture at the same time. Outstanding brand possesses good culture inside information, consumer buys a product, just chose the effect of medicines and chemical reagents and quality not only, also chose the culture grade of medicines and chemical reagents at the same time. When building a brand, culture is permeated necessarily and plentiful is producing the effect that cannot replace among them; Founding a brand is one culture is delicate and will sufficient reveal a process; In the brand in shaping a process, culture is having the effect of agglomeration and catalysis, make the brand has intention more; The culture connotation of the brand is the source motivation that promotes a brand competition ability of additional cost, product!  

The brand is the carrier of culture, culture is the business elite that condenses on the brand, also be run standard of the concept in whole process, volition, behavior and group color in the brand to permeating reflect. Accordingly, when the product coessential change rate taller and taller, the enterprise cannot be made more and more on product, price, channel when difference will gain competitive advantage, the way that brand culture as it happens offerred a kind to solve. So someone says, industry competition of future is the competition of the brand, it is the competition between brand culture more. This is the competition of a kind of high administrative levels, an any successful companies are recumbent its distinctive brand culture in the market manoeuvre among various political groupings.  
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