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Culture of company of brand culture Vs

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Administrative concept can say is to emerge in endlessly, brand culture is a more concept that the most intimate industry talks about. Brand culture and company culture have " culture " , but is saying they are both identical? This problem is worth us to be discussed deep.

Culture is a society and the common belief that the group fashions, viewpoint of value and behavior means, have 3 essential factor: Spirit, carrier and group. The world has group of 3 old culture, confucianist culture circle, Christian culture circle and Mohammedan culture are encircled. The history that this 3 old culture encircle is very long, population is in 1 billion above, the influence is very far-reaching. Christian culture emphasizes " condonable " , want to work to just can reduce fault desperately, be thought what west (the United States, Germany, Israel) the law of these countries level of morality of very normative, profession is high, respect property quite, following traditional culture is not divided. Mohammedan means " peace, compliant " , live and work only according to the apiration of Allah, ability rises celestial, the person of these countries is exceedingly so religious, religious color is rich, this also brought about these countries to be in mostly economically more backward, on the thought relatively conservative. Confucianist culture circle includes country of China, Japan, Korea, southeast Asia, its spirit connotation is morality, harmony, harmonious, close affection, these viewpoint of value are affecting us deeply each Chinese.

Additional, culture needs carrier, for instance a lot of festivals such as the Spring Festival, dragon boat festival are the delegate of Confucianist close affection and familial culture, a lot of custom such as marriage funeral espouse of the Chinese, basic necessities of life, ceremony also is reflecting the mental intention of culture, additional, a lot of stories, literary quotation, allegory and hero also are mirrorred from different level and inheritance is worn culture, yue Fei represents choice faithful dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland, guan Yu is represented loyally. The 3rd element of culture is a group, do not have a group to cannot form culture naturally also, and, this group can press a nation (Chinese, time, wait completely) form distinctive ethical culture, still can press an area (southern, northward, northwest) form district culture, these are China culture below inferior culture. These spirit, custom, ceremony and group union are together, formed arrive from depth the China culture of surface layer.

Company culture and brand culture cannot break away from culture, their form and content and culture closely related, think carefully, of company culture modelling is to also be divided into 3 administrative levels, core concept (spirit) , system and behavior (carrier) , culture group (different function branch) ? Does brand culture also include brand spirit, brand to travel (carrier) , target consumer (group) 3 respects?
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