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How to make the brand culture that there is sale power?

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Speak of brand culture, we have to carry Coke Cola, because it is the brand with the most successful whole world. The brand that the success of Coke Cola depended on offerring to have rich culture intention for consumer is not frosty product. In the meantime, its outstanding place, knead the lifestyle of the spirit of American, American into brand culture, pass persistent deduction, with when the conformity that all enters travels, penetrate the whole world, long fill do not decline.

The success of Coke Cola, what inspiration to give us? The biggest enlightenment turned brand culture into the one part in people life namely. When if a brand becomes some to symbolize or be formed of kind of culture in the life,be used to, so consequence and its transmission force, sale force cannot be estimated, and what this brand will represent with it culture in all drift along, the glamour of visible brand culture is how absorbing!

So, how to make the brand culture that there is sale power? Basically elaborate from a few following respects, welcome everybody discussion.

Above all, we should understand the feature of brand culture.

The culture contain of the brand is richer, the thought with people, affection is closer, it has charm more, so, what feature does brand culture have? The author thinks to basically be like below 3 striking features:

(1) brand culture is decided by consumptive demand.

Although brand culture is carried out by industry organization, but decide by consumer demand, not be to produce dominant to consume dominant however, exchange a word for, it is the culture that consumer agrees with you, arise buy the operation; In the meantime, the brand culture change as the demand of consumer and change ceaselessly, consequently brand culture also wants with when all is entered, innovate ceaselessly. For instance, in managing culture, carry out of Qingdao sea Er " two beetle-crusher imprint " culture, allow the employee that makes a mistake in the job namely, walk in " two big track " on, before the colleague before self-criticism, as a result is achieved make a mistake less, improve manufacturing quality, teach the purpose of employee at the same time; But as Haierji the group moves toward internationalization, in American factory, "Two big track " culture encountered a trouble, before the colleague before him self-criticism, american thinks his self-respect is harmed, offended rights of man, make " two big track " the practice cannot be carried out, how be handled? Sea Er group adjusted its practice, let behave outstanding employee in the job, the station is in " two big track " on the experience with him successful introduction, what incentive colleague does the work is best, and improved manufacturing efficiency, after adopting a change, get the reception of a lot of United States employee, make culture of sea Er group is carried out better thereby go down. Accordingly, as the change of the demand of different culture crowd, brand culture also should be adjusted ceaselessly with innovation, such, brand culture just has bigger vitality.
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